Best lawn tractor

Best Lawn Tractor for Flat Terrain and Hills

Are you looking for a riding lawn mower to make your life a bit easier?

Are you sick of spending half a day mowing your lawns?

Let me help you.
There are two kinds of lawn tractors that are now available in the market and these are the entry-level lawn tractors and the mid-grade lawn tractors.

Best Lawn Tractor

The entry-level lawn tractors usually have single cylinder engines with 15 – 24 HP, either have the manual, auto or hydro-static transmissions,

low back seats and cost not less than $1,500.

The Mid-grade lawn tractors generally have twin engines with 15 – 29 HP, have either automatic or hydro-static transmissions, mid to hi-back seats and not less than $2000.

Best lawn tractor

Depending on your purpose, you should choose the best lawn tractor that you know will help you maintain your lawn according to your mowing needs .

In choosing the best lawn tractor, you have to consider four criteria: the cylinder, horsepower, transmission, seat type, and the starting price.

If you have less than 2 acres of flat lawn, an entry-level lawn tractor would be enough.

But if you want the best lawn tractor for hills or you have more than 2 or more acres of lawns, the mid-grade lawn tractor could be a good choice.

Now, let’s take a look at our best choices for the best lawn tractors.

But this time we will classify them according to the kinds of land topography .

Best Lawn Tractor For Flat Lawns

Husqvarna 20HP / 725cc Kohler

This machine is best known as one of the best tractors for yard use because it offers excellent performance although it is in the compact lawn tractor category.

Users find it very easy to maneuver because of its ergonomic designed steering wheel and soft driving control that you don’t need to wrestle it just to turn it around.

With its size, this  becomes very easy to store in your garage or shed.

For some of its best features, it has a fender-mounted cutting height adjustment, a plush adjustable seat with spring underneath

and it also has a tow-able accessory you can attach a small hauler to it to bring things around your garden.

It also has a mowing reverse drive feature which is perfect if you need to mow  tight spaces on your lawn.

Many people are asking if this machine has a kill switch and fortunately, yes, it has a kill switch located under its seat as part of its safety features.

There is also the electric key start ignition to make every start quick and easy.

To abruptly stop the machine from moving forward there is also the brake pedal but you rarely use this because once you remove your foot from the accelerator pedal, the machine automatically stops.

Best lawn tractor

Powerful Engine

The Husqvarna YTH20K42 is loaded with a 20HP Kohler 7000 Series V-Twin OHV Engine.

This is one of the most powerful engines that high-end lawn tractors are known for.

With this, you really have a strong workhorse in your yard and capable to finish more than 4 acres of lots in just a couple of hours.

Best lawn tractor

Pedal-Operated Hydrostatic Transmission

Like all other modern tractors that are made by world-renown lawn mower companies,

this unit also features a hydro-static transmission which makes the machine smooth to drive and able to obtain maximum speed without shifting any gear by stepping only its gas pedal like an automatic vehicle.

This hydro-static transmission is also fully enclosed which means there is less need for maintenance while this provides flexibility in speed and maneuverability so turning 18-inch radius would not be a problem.

Best Lawn Tractor

42” Deck and Air Induction Mowing Technology

The 42-inch deck is basically made of 13-gauge heavy-duty flat-stock steel to ensure the cutting deck would be durable and stay strong  for many years.

And to prevent the deck and the blades from scalping uneven ground, the deck is also equipped with 4 anti-scalp wheels.

The wide-bodied deck of this machine also employs air induction technology which improves the flow of air around the deck.

Once the blades spin, air will be drawn along the top and bottom of the deck.

In this manner, no clippings will be able to clump on the side of the deck because these are vigorously forced out of the discharge chute.

Without anything hindering the spinning of the blades, the cutting action of the blades is also enhanced.

wide-bodied deck
Best Lawn Tractor
4 anti-scalp wheels.


There are 2 mower blades made of steel under the deck.

When spinning, these create the air induction process and it’s like there’s a whirlwind going under the deck.

Now if you think about how to clean under the deck, you will be happy because there’s the wash port for it.

This wash port or deck wash enables you to connect a garden hose onto the port and flush water into the blades and spin them for more thorough washing.

If you are to clean the deck through the deck wash, make sure you do it right after your mowing your lawn to prevent grass and debris from solidifying under the deck.

Other Useful Features

The Husqvarna YTH20K42 will  most likely to be your best lawn tractor in a sense that this runs on a cooler and cleaner engine.

It has a dual-seal air filter to keep the air clean and to keep the engine healthy.

The Smart-Choke system is also another good feature that enables you to start this machine quickly regardless of the temperature.

There’s also the full pressure lubrication system with a spin-on filter to ensure that every part of your engine gets the proper lubrication.

While the 13-inch mid back adjustable seat with spring suspension is also an excellent its nice to know that this machine offers a spacious cockpit

which makes it easy for you to mount and dismount your seat without straining your legs and hurting your back.

And how about the choke, throttle, and ignition for easy access?

All these are just near the operator and there’s also the cup holder of course and the hour meter to track your machine’s working hours.

Do you want to start your mowing day early? No problem, there’s the LED headlight to let you work even with low light conditions and finish your work early and avoid the sun. 



Is This Worth Buying?

At Amazon, this unit is offered at a very affordable price as an entry-level lawn tractor.

 This would be perfect for large lawns including the hilly terrain.

 It features Kohler’s engine which is a top-notch motor.
Considering that all you need for a great lawn tractor are packed into this machine.

Plus the brand Husqvarna which is a quality brand, we don’t hesitate to recommend this machine.

best residential zero turn mower

Another nice thing that people say about this machine is it is safe to drive while smoothly driving it downhill.

This is probably the advantage of having a heavier machine although accordingly, some people don’t like to drag heavy equipment around their yard especially during rainy days where the soil is softer.

However, the wheels of this unit are wide and have good traction so they won’t  damage the ground even if the soils become soggy.

So in our opinion , this machine is truly worth having.


Troy-Bilt 540cc Briggs & Stratton Intek Automatic 46-Inch Riding Lawnmower

Troy-Bilt’s riding mowers are known for their durability and efficiencies thanks to the company’s enduring interest in improving their products along with the trending technology in the lawn mower industry.

The Troy-Bilt 540cc could be your best lawn tractor for 3 main reasons.

First, it is built with a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine for continuous hard out mowing which will lessens 70% of the mowing time compared to using a walk behind push mower.


it has the right features and accessories for effortless control

and third,

it is so easy to drive, has a soft touch steering system and uses a quick start technology.

Are these not the things we all need in a lawn tractor?

If you want to know the details of this machine, we will help you discover not only its essential features but also what other features this unit has that will make you happy if you own this machine.

Reliable Engine

The 19HP Briggs & Stratton 540cc Intek engine is something that is big enough to make this machine reliable and powerful.

With a Manual Power Take Off and Mow-in-Reverse capacity, the machine won’t give up even you mow for hours and do the toughest lawn work.

This unit is also equipped with  automatic transmission so whenever you want to go quickly, all you need to do is step on the gas pedal which also serves as its brake.

Wide Durable Deck

The 46-inch deck is adjustable up to 5 height positions just to get your desired cut on your grass.

Deck lift is also done manually which for some people is much better than electronically controlled deck lifting.

Accordingly, this allows the operator to softly raise and lower the deck manually unlike the auto-deck lift which abruptly engages the deck and can cause jumping of the belt out from its place.

There is also the integrated deck wash port that is intended for cleaning the underside of the deck including the blades so you don’t need to tip up the machine or drive it on a high platform to clean out debris and grass clumps.

To avoid damaging the grass and soil during cruising or turning there are also 2 deck wheels installed on the front of the cutting deck to prevent unnecessary damages.


The seat is a comfortable mid-back padded seat that is adjustable and spring supported.

This seat is wide enough to accommodate large-size individuals and needless to say this is comfy for all size persons to seat on.


Very sensitive soft touch steering allows you to easily maneuver this unit and lets you enjoy your ride while cutting your lawn.

The manual PTO also allows for easy and quick blade engagement.

Durable Tires

The rear tires are 20” X 8” and the front tires are 15” x 6” which are all very wide so not to let them sink on soft soil.

Even when the

machine cruises at a maximum speed of 5.2 MPH, the tires won’t leave deep tracks on grass.

Other Useful Features:

You have two options on how you can discharge your grass with this machine:

mulch and side discharge.

The Operator Controlled Reverse (OCR) system allows the machine to engage the blades while mowing in reverse so this is especially useful if you want to cut tall grass in narrow spaces and when turning back is not possible.



Is It Worth Recommending

Everything about this machine is also automatic except the deck and blade engagement which is manual but more favored because you can be able to significantly control the grass cut height with a softer feel.

And with two blades in one deck, the spin of the blades can produce the whirlwind effect which improves the cutting efficiency of the blades and the discharge of the clippings.

The Troy-Bilt 540cc is built as a residential lawn mowing machine but it can maintain large lawns and can be perfect for landscaping maintenance if you are providing lawn mowing services.

So based on the machine’s overwhelming features plus the amazing reviews it has gathered, yes, this could be your best lawn mower

for all types of terrain and honestly worth recommending to all homeowners who have large lawns to take care of.


Craftsman T135 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton 46-Inch Gas Powered Riding Lawn Mower

Packed with a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine this machine that has a ReadyStart system, you will always have a reliable lawn maintenance system with this unit that doesn’t need choking or priming.

 Very easy to drive and control, it also has a mid-back seat to make you comfortable while cruising around on your property.

It also offers an 18-inch turning radius if you need to turn on sharp corners.

Do you have lots of trees in your lawns or have raised flower gardens or large pots with perennial plants?

This machine can go around any raised grounds so you don’t need to whack the grass or weeds that grow around the edges.

This is the reason why many homeowners see this entry level machine as the best lawn tractor for flat surfaced lawns.

So how about we inspect some of its important features.

Engine and Transmission

The engine of the Craftsman T135 is a robust 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton with 540 cc displacement.

When you have such a high cc (cubic centimeter) displacement on your engine, this means that there are so much power and torque that your engine is capable of.

And as an addition to the power of the engine, this unit is also installed with a ReadyStart system that totally eliminates priming and choking which the old lawn tractors need before they come alive.

Transmission is a CVT automatic and the speed is pedal controlled.

Like driving your automatic vehicle, you step on the pedal and the machine moves forward and you let go of the pedal and the machine slows down and stop.

So if you’re going uphill or drive on flat terrain, the output of power your machine must produce will depend on how you step on the pedal.

The machine’s maneuverability is also very flexible. At 18-inch radius, you can go around hedges and trees and can make a quick turnaround and still have a smooth shifting of speed.

Maximum forward speed is 5.5MPH while reverse speed is 3.5MPH.

With this speed, you can also use the machine on sloping areas in forward and backward motion and able to go into tight spaces and back up while mowing.


if you need the best lawn tractor for hills, better choose a larger machine because this machine can only do the slightly sloping terrain.


The Deck is so wide at 46-inch and made of 13-gauge steel so it’s durable, long-lasting and won’t easily rust.

You can also attach a mulching kit on this machine if you don’t want to throw away your grass clippings and add organic materials to your grass.

You are offered 5 deck height positions and 1.5 to 3.5 cut grass height by this machine and adjustment is done manually.

Manual adjustment as some reviewers say is much better than electronically controlled adjustment because the shifting of deck heights could be softer and it can also protect the deck from abrupt jolts.


You don’t need to worry about the wheels because these are wide enough not to dig into soft soil. The rear wheels are 20” X 8” while the front wheels are 15” X 6” and with very good traction.

Best Lawn Tractor

The Seat

The seat is a mid-back plush covered with strong springs under it. So even you mow in the roughest terrain, you won’t feel any pain in your hips or back.

The seat is also widely designed to accommodate persons of different sizes.

Unfortunately, there are no armrests attached to the seat to rest your elbows on so if you got to mow for hours your hands have to take turns in holding the steering wheel.

Other Useful Features:

The deck wash is a very useful feature which allows you to clean the blades and the underside of the deck.

As long as you have the garden hose and water, maintaining the cleanliness of your deck would not be a problem.

How about the headlights? The Craftsman T135 is built with the conventional but powerful LED headlights which enable you to mow your yard during the early morning, dawn or night if you don’t have neighbors nearby.

To protect the deck and the ground from getting scalped, there are two caster wheels installed on the front of the deck so even you drive on uneven grounds, your deck and blades won’t be hitting the grass and the soil underneath the deck.

Best Lawn Tractor



Is This Machine Worth The Thumbs-Up?

As much as functionalities are concerned and based on the simplicity of this entry-level machine, everything about this unit seems to be good.

People love it.

Aside from its affordability and compact size which suits yards that are less than 2 acres, this machine can always be reliable and seems to last.

We believe that when Craftsman manufactures a machine, we are almost sure that these are what people need and this Craftsman T135 is not an exception.

Though it is not equipped with a hydrostatic transmission like the high-end units, its automatic transmission with the pedal control is almost much the same as with the hydrostatic.

So with this one, we give this machine a solid thumbs-up and yes, this will surely worth your money and can be your best lawn tractor to keep your yard always looking sharp.


Husqvarna 17 HP Loncin Hydrostatic Gas Riding Lawn Mower

This Husqvarna yard tractor is a machine that is equipped with the right size engine ideal for small to medium size lawns.

If you have a front yard or a backyard with a small playground or a patio that needs to be properly maintained with its grass, you will definitely like this easy to drive machine and won’t even feel the strain driving it for hours.

 What makes this machine an excellent unit to own is in spite of its small size, it is packed with features that you commonly found on more expensive models.

If you want to know how this machine works and why it should be the best lawn tractor for your yard then read more and you’ll be surprised because this machine

really rocks.

Engine and Transmission

The engine itself is a single cylinder Loncin Husqvarna 17 HP and can run a maximum of 5 MPH and 2.5 MPH on reverse.

Slow if you compare this machine to models that can attain up to 8 MPH but this machine is built for lawns not less than 2 acres and perfect for even ground.

Better than a push lawnmower because it is so easy to drive and faster at cutting grass, this unit accordingly can trim up 1.5 acres of lawn in less than an hour.

Transmission is hydrostatic so you must expect that you’ll have a very easy driving day with this unit and you’ll feel the softer control of the steering wheels because of the fluid-powered transmission that distributes power to the axles and wheels.

You won’t believe that there’s also a safety switch under the seat that automatically shuts the machine and blade engagement off once you get out of your seat.

This feature is not common among other units but it’s there to protect you as the rider in case of accidental take-off while you’re out of the operator’s seat.

Deck and Seat

The deck is a reinforced stamped heavy flat-stock steel for extra strength and resistance and its 38-inch wide.

Made solid, this is to ensure that the deck would last longer even when the machine is worked hard. 

The ergonomic seat which is about 13 inches tall can be automatically adjusted and it can be moved forward and backward to suit the size of the operator.

Under the deck, there are also the 2 blades that create the air induction process in which air is drawn from top and bottom of the deck which creates the lifting effect of the clippings and automatically forces these out from the chute.

To engage the blade, this is done manually through lever-operated adjustment.

Best Lawn Tractor

There is also the deck wash port which will allow you to maintain the cleanliness and life expectancy of your deck and blades.

This feature is not always present on other units even with the more expensive tractors.

There are also 4 deck wheels to protect the deck from hitting the ground on terrain and at the same time preventing the deck from scalping the soil during turning and going up on slopes.

Other Useful Features:

The front axle for the front wheels is specially made to be durable to handle heavy driving as it’s made of cast iron.

This also provides excellent balance and stability to the front of the machine and because the axle is solid this also helps in the smooth driving of this lawn mower.

The headlights are also another big plus with this machine. If you like to mow during the evening when the weather is colder during the summer, these bright LED lights will be really useful.

You can even mow very early in the morning if you don’t want to get caught up by the harsh sunlight or can mow late in the afternoon.

The standard cup holder is there and this is big enough to put a handy water bottle.

For the steering wheel, this is covered with soft grip foam to prevent it from getting hot when you are mowing under the sun.

The fuel capacity of the Husqvarna is 1.5 gallons which is enough to finish more than an acre of lawn if filled up.

There’s also the hour meter that will tell you the number of hours your machine worked for a day.

This can also be helpful if you want to change the oil on certain total hours your machine worked.



Worth The Recommendation?

From the reviews we have gathered about Husqvarna LTH1738, this piece of equipment is just perfect to store in a garage that has limited space.

About the cutting, the blades are always reliable and no clamping of grass whatsoever despite the adjustments of the cutting deck.

The engine stays running smoothly even when you use this machine for hours and it can also tackle small hills.

The reverse cutting operation is also very convenient to use while the hydrostatic transmission provides the smoothest driving comfort.

However, we’ve found also a bit of issue with the design of this machine as mentioned by one reviewer.

Accordingly, the location of the gas filler cap is partly hidden so you need a gas container with a long spout to be able to refuel.

The oil drain attachment is also kind of short so changing the oil usually can be messy.

We hope that Husqvarna will take a look on these issues but moreover, in terms of performance and available specs, people really like this machine and that’s enough to consider this machine as the best lawn tractor for anyone who has less than 2 acres of lot.

Best Lawn Tractor for Hills


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