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Best Tent Stoves To Keep You Warm During Chilly Camping Days

One of the many factors that make camping so exciting is that you never really know what to expect once you’re out there with your tent and gear. But wherever you decide to camp you will need the best tent stove to keep you safe. 

Sure, you can always look for weather forecasts, but there will still be moments when you have to suddenly deal with surprises, like rain or snow for example. In times like this, one of the best things to do is to be as prepared as you can for whatever nature throws your way.

One camping essential that you should always consider, Is the best tent wood stove.


Why do i need the best tent stove

What are tent stoves?

These are heating devices that are used to warm your tent during cooler weather.

 When blankets and a heated sleeping bag don’t cut it, these stoves, which can be powered by propane or wood, promises to provide comfort on chilly nights and days.

In addition to making the inside of your tent extra toasty and comfortable, a tent stove can also come in handy if you need to dry wet gear and clothes. Depending on the design and size of the model, you can also use it cook yummy camping food.

best wood tent stove

Do note that to use a tent stove, you need a poly cotton or a canvas tent with stove jack.

Models with adjustable pipes, require small openings for the hot flue (chimney) pipe.

Dealing with cold, wet nights can make a world of difference between having the best camping trip or the worst one.

Ready to buy  the best tent wood stove  of your own? We listed four options for you below.


This heavy duty cylinder stove is the perfect heating buddy  during chilly and wet weather.

What makes this one of the best tent stove units out there is that you no longer need to buy separate parts of it since you get a damper,

an internal log grate, accessory shelves, and a spark arrestor. It is also very easy to carry and store thanks to its removable legs.

For its pipe, you get a 5” diameter chimney pipe that can be adjusted into a total of 10 feet in height.

Its fire grate in the bottom also protects its base from overheating, which is an amazing additional safety feature.

Moreover, its door damper and roomy cooktop make it easy to manage the heat for cooking chores.

So not only do you get a toasty tent, but this little model right here can also help you enjoy warm meals during your winter tent with stove

Just in case you need more hot water, you can easily fit in a standard wood stove water heater inside, too.

Despite having a solid, durable body, this model doesn’t weigh too much so it’s the perfect choice if you’re concerned about weighing down your gear. If you have ever thought about Living in a Tent  then click here.


This model is perfect for multiple uses. You can use it as a cooking stove in addition to being a tent stove and comes with side shelves where you can put things you want to dry.
It is durable and heavy duty.
It heats a wall canvas tent pretty effectively.


Some reviews of this tent stove say that the paint burns pretty heavily on first use. You need to consider repainting it after and firing it up outside first before using it inside your tent.
This tent stove has a tendency of burning wood quickly so you may need to change it every few hours if you’re planning to use it the whole day.

Portable Wood Burning Stove

Portable but packs a lot of heating power.

These are two things that make this model the perfect choice if you are expecting to face some cold weather during your trip.

Made of 304 stainless steel, this unit from Winnerwell promises to deliver in terms of durability because it never rusts or corrodes.

This tent stove comes with a steel body, one spark arrestor and ash scraper, and five sections of 3.5-inch diameter chimney pipe.

Its portable design makes it easy to assemble and bring along.

It has a tripod style spring loaded legs that you can easily fold under the stove, and you can use its side shelves as its carry handle.

Its chimney pipe sections, on the other hand, can be easily stowed inside its stove body when not in use.

Another thing that makes this one of the best tent stove you can purchase is its glass viewing window for easy fire and ambiance management.

 Its dual dampers can be easily used for managing burn rate, while you can also use its folding side shelves for cooking utility.

With its 18-inch deep and 1500 cubic inches firebox, you can easily put in large dry split firewood inside (no need to cut them into small sizes!), making it one of the best wall tent stoves out there.

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best tent stove


This model is easy to set up and carry with its portable design. It is made of stainless steel so it is less heavy than other options in the market. It can easily heat up canvas tents–some reviews even claim that they need to crack open a window because of how effective its heating powers are! It has a large firebox capacity that can easily accommodate firewood. 


Since it has a foldable tripod leg design, the model may have a tendency of getting wobbly, especially when placed on uneven surfaces.

One look at this tent stove from Bruntmor and you’ll know that it is a heavy duty one that you can rely on during cold nights. Not familiar with rocket stoves? In a nutshell, these are burning stove types that are designed to use small-diameter wood fuel in their combustion chamber. Rocket stoves have insulated vertical chimneys which help in providing complete combustion before the flames even reach the cooking surface. Though primarily made for cooking, models like these are also quite effective in heating

best tent stove

Despite its rather bulky appearance, this tent stove is designed to be portable–it can hold all its parts inside so you can easily move it around and carry it in box form. It comes with a wide cooking grate that can support large pots, so anything you can cook in your kitchen, you can probably whip up too while in camp. As for its heating source, you don’t have to worry about chopping up firewood or bringing propane or charcoal to use it. Even small twigs, branches, and pinecones can even be used to light it up! Besides camping trips, this is also an ideal unit for other outdoor activities like fishing or simple backyard cooking. Do note though that if you want to use this inside your tent, you need to set it up as a sealed unit with a flue to prevent any hazards. 


This model is very durable and is designed for heavy-duty use. It is easy to light it up, even if you don’t have firewood. You can use other things you can find in your camping trip, like pinecones, even small twigs. This model is collapsible into box form, making it easy to carry around during your trip. It provides nearly the same heating as when you’re cooking indoors. 


This unit can be quite bulky as an indoor heater. Rocket stoves are not really designed for the indoors, so you need to use it as a sealed unit if you’re planning to utilize it as a tent stove heater.

This model is the best tent stove if you’re looking for something that doesn’t have an open fire design. The TMS Portable Military Camping Wood Stove is the perfect camping buddy with its easy-to-carry design–all of its parts can be stored inside its circular stove body and you can use its top grate as a handle for easy mobility. The unit comes with a spark arrestor and rear flow regulators as an extra safety feature and its bottom is also easy to access for effortless cleaning.

Moreover, the model also has removable legs and four interlocking flue pipe sections. It comes with a stove pipe cap which is very handy for indoor wall canvas tent use.

Similar to other models in this list, this tent stove also provides multiple uses. It has ample cooking space that lets you quickly create your favorite camping dishes, and you can also rotate the cook top in an outward direction to use it to hang and dry wet gloves or socks. It’s also perfect if you want to warm your hands and feet during chilly nights. A little reminder though, similar to painted tent stoves, this one has a tendency of burning off its paint the first time you use it. If you’ll be firing it up on your camping trip for the first time, it’s better to install it outdoors first and let the paint burn off in open air. 


This model is the perfect size if you’re looking for something portable and easy to carry. Its cylindrical body also makes it less bulky and easy to clean. You can use it in a variety of ways: as an indoor heater, a cooking stove, and as a means to dry your wet clothes. It is designed for heavy-duty use so you don’t have to worry about it giving up in the middle of your outdoor trips. 


This stove burns its paint the first time you use it. Make sure to fire it up outside first to prevent toxic fumes from filling your tent.

For those who haven’t tried tent stoves, it is understandable that you may have some safety concerns about it. For the record, yes a tent stove CAN be dangerous, but only if you do not follow some precautions. Besides being a possible fire hazard, there is also the concern about dealing with toxic carbon monoxide fumes from tent wood stoves. This is the reason why having a pipe and a flue is important. More than this, however, you need to find a model that is properly sealed off to prevent any of the fumes from escaping. It also helps if you can crack open a window so the smoke has a way out, just in case.

best tent stove

As a safety precaution, it’s suggested that your tent should be well-ventilated before using these stoves. This is why it is very important that you use the right type of tent if you want your stove to be effective and safe. Canvas tents can keep the heat, but they are also breathable enough to offer ventilation. A good tent should also have floor and high vents as an additional safety feature. If you really want to be sure, you can even add a Tent AC Unit which can help move the air around inside your tent. It’s also best if you don’t leave your stove burning throughout the night–or at the very least, have someone watch over to man it.

Camping tent stoves can be a little intimidating to use at first, but they can be a very helpful addition to your camping trip. Nobody wants to deal with chilly weather while out, and it’s not always ideal to keep yourself bundled up in blankets and heated sleeping bags all throughout your trip. The best tent stove models offer so much more than heating–just imagine the convenience of enjoying food more than the usual, tasteless canned goods that you may be so used to eating while camping! They can make a world of difference if you add them to your list of gear–just make sure you purchase the right one for your needs.