best zero turn mower

Best Zero Turn Mower

Looking for the best zero turn mower?

You’ve come to the right place. We have done extensive research to bring you the absolute best mowers for your money. But still have great features like a powerful engine, large deck, and high-quality tires that will last longer than any other machine on the market.

Today we want to give you a complete rundown on the best zero turn mower for your grass cutting needs.

 We will give you the top 10 zero turn mowers reviews.

Find the best zero turn mower for the money you have to spend.

 When you are ready to make your new purchase you will be fully informed of  the good and bad qualities of your upcoming investment.

 If you have already made up your mind about the specs you need, you will have an easier time choosing without worry that you’ll end up with a low-rated machine. 

But before that,

Let us give you a glimpse why more and more people now prefer the zero turn mower more than the classic tractor types which undoubtedly are also powerful and convenient to use larger size lawns.

best Small Zero Turn Mowers Vs Tractor Mowers


You should know that people call this a zero turn mower because of its potential to turn 360 degrees which enables it to make a quick turnabout even on very narrow spaces.

With two hind moving wheels and two front swiveling wheels these make the zero turn mowers famous for use even on defined lawn contours.

Operating the zero turn lawn mower is quite easy although you need a little practice to master its controls.

There is no steering wheel but left and right steering controls that also serve as its forward, reverse drive and parking brakes.

The deck height can also be controlled either by foot or by hand depending on the model of the zero turn mower and the rest of the controls are much like the tractor mowers.

The tractor and the zero turn mowers are both better options for large lawns.

Both can also cut 70% off the mowing time compared to  push lawn mowers.

 More and more people are opting to buy the zero turn mower and some are even selling their lawn tractors.

As they realise the advantages of using a Zero turn mower

 That’s why we look for reviews everywhere to find out which among these have better features, do job quicker, more equipped and also what are their downsides in comparison.

Here are what we’ve found:

Tractor Lawn Mowers


Zero Turn Mowers


Yes, the zero turn lawn mower also has downsides.

But if we base on speed and performance, it is by far the best compared to the tractor mower  this is why a lot of people now choose the zero lawn mowers.

If you have obstacles like floral features fish ponds and veggie gardens to mow around. 

It will be in your best interest to choose a zero turn mower from the many brands, horsepower, and width of the cutting deck available. 

It’s true that the zero lawn mowers have a few more controls to get used to but if you have already used the tractor type, driving a zero turn mower will be simple for you and even for a beginner to learn.

The zero turns are available under many brand names but we only picked the top zero turn mower brands we think are far better than the rest.

Best Zero Turn Mower For The Money

Best Zero Turn Mower Brands

Why we chose these brands is because of their easy maneuverability, better cruising features, more powerful engines, durability and overall features fit for user’s needs.

Now we would like to present to you the best models.

With the best zero turn mower reviews we have also included each model’s pros and cons to make this a fact-base starting point for you when choosing your zero turn mower.  

Zero Turn Mower Reviews

Troy-Bilt Mustang 54 25HP 54-Inch Zero-Turn Mower

This is one of our first Troy-Bilt riding mower reviews, we checked out this Troy-Bilt Mustang riding mower for its quality and price.

The Troy-Bilt Mustang 54 is now one of the most popular zero turn mowers in the USA.

It has a built-in Briggs & Stratton Intek Twin Cylinder 25 HP quiet engine that will enable you to cruise at pace on the largest lawns at a maximum speed and still achieve an excellent lawn mowing performance.

Loaded with a 54-inch deck,

It can cruise your yard at 7 mph and still produce a clean, even cut while you can also use its Reverse Mow Control and mow at 2.5 mph.

Engaging the blade is done manually and the control is just near the operator’s seat.

The operator can adjust the height of the deck up to 8 inches high from the ground while the blade can be easily engaged though the Electric Power Take-Off (PTO) system which is powered by a battery.

Reliable Battery Powered Power Take-Off

As a gasoline-fuelled machine, it has a full capacity of 2.8 gallons

With the air filter that is easily accessible at the back of the engine.

Worth special mention is the machine’s overhead air vent valve.

So even if you mow your grass for a long full day, your Mustang mower won’t  overheat.

With less heat build-up, this also means your engine will be more fuel efficient. 

Runs Cooler You Save On Gas

 It also has a dual hydrostatic transmission which means it uses pressurized oil in moving pistons in the hydrostatic drive system

to build energy for use by the hydrostatic motors that enables the wheels to rotate efficiently.

Another good thing that this machine has is its 4-deck gauge wheels and a rear roller so whenever you drive over a bump on the grass, the deck follows the contour and slope of the terrain and still produce an evenly cut grass all over.

If you hate your legs jammed into tight spaces while mowing, this machine offers a wide leg room you can conveniently stretch your legs out and avoid those nasty leg cramps.

best Zero Turn Mower Maintenance Needs:

Maintaining the Mustang 54 25HP is not hard to accomplish especially in cleaning under the deck including the blades where most of the dirt gets trapped and accumulates.

You just insert a hose on the wash port located on the top of the deck, turn on the hose and let the blade rotate for few minutes and everything under gets cleaned up with water.

You can now store your mower without worry of dirt that could rust the metal structure of your deck.

 Don’t overlook the seat when choosing your zero turn mower, the Troy-Bilt Mustang has an ergonomically designed dual suspension 18-inch seat capable to absorb shocks even on the bumpiest terrains and not give you pain in your hips and bum.

Troy-Bilt Mustang 54 25HP 54-Inch Zero-Turn Mower



Ideal Ground For Best Performance

The Troy-Bilt Mustang 54 is actually built to perform on all kinds of terrains.

Its triple blade and adjustable deck height make the machine highly adjustable to work on any types of ground topography.

However, it is not advisable for use on slopes with more than 15 degree angle or there’s a risk that it may topple over due to its heavy set body but lighter front features.

This machine weighs around 715 lbs so it’s quite heavy.

And because it has a solid length steel frame and lack of  suspension on the frame itself, this is not suitable for use on sloping terrains with steep downward slopes.

Cut Expectations

The height of the cut is adjustable from 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

And though the speed can reach up to 7 mph, you can still produce a clean cut of your height choice for your grass with maximum speed.

The same excellent cut output can be achieved on the reverse mode at 2.5 mph.

Gas Consumption

The tank has a 2.8 gallon capacity and using gasoline.

We did not find data on how much gasoline it will use per hour but with its Intek Twin cylinder engine, we would expect that this machine uses gas very efficiently.


Is It Worth Recommendation

 We could say that the Troy-Bilt Mustang 54 has a few downsides based on some reviews.

But a lot more users are happy with their purchase than not.

This machine is not perfect. But as a mid-range riding mower, This will perform well in all aspects as expected.

So we believe that this machine deserves our recommendation.


Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

This is what many people  call one of the best zero turn mowers primarily because it is loaded with features and most of all its engine is a Kohler.

Lots of people we asked prefer the Kohler engines over Briggs & Stratton so we definitely included this in one of our zero turn lawn mower reviews.

If you look at the Husqvarna Z254, it may look like any other zero turn mowers like most other brands.

But since the Husqvarna has carved its name as one of the most trusted in the manufacturing of garden equipment especially with lawn mowers.

Manufacturing them for over 30 years, you’ll know you’ll have the best zero turn mower once you try this one.

26 Kohler HP Engine

This Husqvarna Z254 is equipped with a powerful 26 HP 2-cylinder Kohler engine that will really boost the performance of your machine.

 Ensures you get quick startups every time due to its automatic choke system.

With a maximum speed of 6.5 mph, it has a 54-inch wide deck which is the widest deck available today.

 It  will always produce well-trimmed grass even at top speed.



The deck itself is made up of 12-gauge steel with a reinforced guard on the edge.

So even if your machine hits rocks or any large solid objects on the way, it will just push these out of the way and protect the 3-mower blades under the deck.

This is also useful in preventing your deck from bumping and cracking it when hitting pavements.
The deck lift system is manual-operated and spring-loaded for easy adjustments.

Wheels, Light and Bumper

The front wheels, as well as the swiveling wheels of this machine, are greasables and each wheel has a port for greasing.

The bumper also has a LED light which enables you to see where you are cutting during early morning or in the late afternoon or whenever there’s little light.

Even the deck has 4 solid roller wheels so even your machine goes on hilly terrains, the blades won’t run the risk of scalping the ground as these do support the whole deck.


All of the essential controls of this machine are on the right side of the operator and you can see that its six height adjustments are simplified from 1 to 6 levels.

You can find in your owner’s manual what each level represents, though.

To keep you hydrated while driving your zero turn mower, there’s a cup holder for your small drinking bottle.

And a small compartment for whatever things you want to have near you like tools, candy, trash bags, and other stuff you might need located on the left side of the operator.

Like any other zero turn mowers, a 12-volt battery is responsible for the quick start and it also provides power for the LED light, gauge dials and clutch engagement.

Other Features

You have an option for you clippings with this machine as expected.

You can discharge it through the side, mulch or bag it.

Other Husqvarna zero lawn mower accessories are sold separately.

Much like computers that need cooling fans to cool off critical components and prevent overheating,

This zero turn mower also features a powerful fan which improves its performance by sucking air from the bottom of the deck and help move the grass around the deck before dispersing it out.

One special feature that some folks also like with the Husqvarna Z254 is its rear engine guard.

Which provides protection not only for the engine but also for the operator especially if this zero turn mower is used on rolling hills.

Basically, this machine is easy to maneuver and you won’t feel your hands developing fatigue which is very important if you will be using this machine for hours.

The seat, on the other hand, is a mid-back with seat springs for a comfortable non-bumpy ride.

Remember that in owning a zero turn riding mower, it is also important that you feel at ease while using it.



Ideal Ground For Best Performance

The Husqvarna Z254has a powerful 26 HP Kohler engine and will perform well on flat grounds and hilly terrains with ease.

No problem also with edges because this zero turn mower is built for easy maneuverability.

The only thing you must avoid is going up or down the slopes with more than 15 degrees because this is not built for these kinds of terrains.

Although it says in the owner’s manual or in some advertisements that this can work even up to 17 degrees slope, however, don’t try taking your machine to such areas.

As recommended also by some users who have experienced doing it, you may put yourself and your machine at risk from toppling or sliding down if you do.

Cut Expectations

According to the Husqvarna

This machine can mow around 2.8 acres of lawn per hour with a speed of 6.5 mph and the cut would be as you expected, clean cut and even.

Gas Consumption

Based on our research ,mowing large lawns will approximately consume ½ to ¾ gallons per acre of ground but not including mowing steep hills which require the engine to use more fuel.

So with a full tank, it’s quite easy to finish mowing 4 acres with a single full 3.5-gallon tank.

Worth Recommendation?

We looked at the advantages and disadvantages of this machine and it’s obvious that the pros outweigh the cons so we will certainly give it our recommendation.

People love this machine because it is powerful, reliable, durable and made by a company trusted for its equipment.

Actually, this is an American-made machine so you can have the confidence that will stay functional for years if treated accordingly.


Husqvarna 21.5 HP Kawasaki Zero Turn Mower

This machine is loaded with a powerful Kawasaki 21.5 HP engine so it will surely do what you want it to do with utmost efficiency.

It provides for easy operation as all of its controls are in one easy access location.

like the choke, PTO, ignition, digital hour meter and throttle control including the fuel tank which are all located on the right side of the machine.

You also have a cup holder and deep storage compartment on the left side and if you want a quick cleaning underside the deck.

Including the 3 blades, you just insert a rubber hose on its wash port and drive strong flush of water under the deck, operate the blades and cleaning is done.


Is one of the top zero turn mower brands that you can find in the market today and are always reliable and convenient to operate.

This one even has a headlight for early morning mowing and armrests to let you rest your arms when taking a break.

The Engine

The engine of this machine is a reliable 21.5 HP/726cc Kawasaki OHV V-Twin 4-cycle engine.

A bit long mouthful for an engine but  this is really a powerful engine and still considered quiet you can hear someone’s voice clearly at 5 meters.

Designed to purr, this will always give you smooth power output while the key start is also powered by a 12-volt battery. 

The engine also has an engine guard that can ultimately protect the engine from any damage.

If you happen to slide down on steep terrain and the engine lands on something hard which could course some expensive repairs.

Nevertheless, the engine itself has a 3-year warranty so anything that could go wrong with it while under warranty, your engine will be covered.

Transmission and Parking Brakes

Supported by Hydro-Gear EZT Hydrostatic drive system that allows the mower to reach its 6.5 maximum speed,

This machine is also fan-cooled with 10 cc air pumps that will keep your engine cooler and prevent overheating.

 Brake control

This machine  has an automatic parking brake that activates and deactivates according to where you position the steering levers.

Deck and Blades

The deck of the Husqvarna Z254 is the widest among its class and made of 14-gauge welded steel for utmost durability.

Deck engagement can be done electronically to prevent strain on the pulleys as well as on the engine.

For deck height adjustment, the manual adjustment bar is spring-assisted so that every time you shift to different deck height, it would be smooth and easy.


For deck height adjustment, the manual adjustment bar is spring-assisted so that every time you shift to different deck height, it would be smooth and easy.


There is also the reinforced steel guard on the sleeve of the deck to avoid solid objects like rocks and branches from getting under the deck which can damage the blades.

The 3 blades of this machine are also made of 12-gauge steel while the spindles that carry the blades are of aluminum  and sealed so you are ensured that these parts won’t rust.

best Zero Turn Mower Controls

The most significant controls of this machine are located on the right side of the operator as discussed above while on the left side are extra accessories.

Other features:
If you want to have easy access to the pulleys, spindles and deck belts, the Husqvarna will make these easy for you by just manually removing the floor foot pan which is just right under the operator’ legs.

This will allow you to do easy maintenance especially if you need to change the belt every now and then.



Ideal Ground For Best Performance

According to Husqvarna, the Husqvarna Z254 21.5 HP is an ideal riding mower for large surface areas and hilly terrains.

Not recommended though for steep, sloped areas for possible toppling risks and the blades may also scalp the ground due to the uneven surface.

Capable  zero turn mower it can run at 6.5 mph and can mow 2.8 acres of lawn per hour.

It also has a maximum reverse speed at 3.5 mph.

Cut Expectations

Boasting of 6 level deck adjustments you can choose your grass cut from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches and you should expect that the cut of the blades would always be clean, even and polished.

best zero turn mower Gas Consumptions

Full tank at 3.5-gallon capacity but no available data from on how much gas it would consume per acre.

Worth Recommendation?

Compared to the Husqvarna Z254 with 26 HP Kohler engine, this one is just smaller but with almost the same functions.

It has the same deck width, same controls but of course with a slight difference in power since this runs with a 21 HP Kawasaki engine.

One more thing, Kawasaki engines are real toughies when it comes to hardcore mowing.

As the brand says , this is a Japanese brand but actually manufactured in the US in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Well, with an American-made engine this means this could be one of the best smaller zero turn mower brands for the money.

Our advice, if you’re looking for the best zero turn mower brand, don’t forget to check this bad guy Husqvarna Z254 21 HP.

This belongs to a mid-range class of riding mowers for residential

But it will surely surprise you once you discover how easy to maneuver and the cutting capability of this small machine.  

Yes, we do highly recommend this zero turn mower because we found so many people that have raved about this machine.

But we also hope that Husqvarna can take a good look at why their pulley belts have a common problem among the machine owners.

 And it will also be nice if there’s a fuel gauge on this machine the same as with a lot of the other Husqvarna zero turn models.


Snapper 360z Mower, Riding, Zero Turn

The Snapper zero turn mowers are in a class of their own.

They are able to meet the demands of most people when it comes to mowing requirements.

They are also usually heavy-set, meaning, they have the body and durability to outlast most of their competitors when it comes to working longer and remain functional.

And this Snapper 360z is no different.

This model has been making waves all over the internet not because of its unusual features but by its unique specs that you won’t see on other brands.

Basically, this has a heavy-duty frame but with commercially-inspired features that is why it gets on our list as among the top zero turn mowers of the residential riding mowers in the medium weight division.

However, the most distinguishable feature of this Snapper 360Z at a quick glance is its optional flippable and removable cargo bed which has a 50-pound capacity and complete with metal railing.

You can carry  your fertilizers, tools, or anything you want to carry so it can serve as your transport vehicle at the same time.

Engine and Transmission

This machine is powered by a Kawasaki 23 HP/724cc V-Twin engine that makes it a super strong machine.

As a 4-cycle engine, it’s also quick to start thanks to the large 12-Volt battery you can find under the seat along with the gas tank.

The engine is quiet and efficient yet it is manufactured with a rugged design for rugged use.

The transmission of this Snapper is Hydro-Gear EZT Hydrostatic with 10cc fan-cooled pump and a motor for every drive.

This technology is what makes you reach your top speed of 7 MPH even without shifting a gear.

Frame and Deck

Almost everything in this machine is made of metal, except of course the wheels, the batteries, and the fuel tank.

It has a steel frame that is fully welded, thick-walled front axle, and a 48-inch fully welded deck to ensure that what supports your blade is fully armored.

The frame itself is a solid 12-gauge metal that is fully fabricated for more solid support for everything that it carries.

The deck which is 42 inches wide is also solidly built and there’s also a  guard that literally wraps around the entyre engine protecting all the essential parts of the mower.

Under the seat is the floor pan where you can easily access the spindles, pulleys, and belt.

Spindles and Blades

The spindles of the Snapper 360Z are made of aluminum and totally sealed so you don’t need to lubricate them.

The blades are also made 12-gauge steel and can stay sharp for weeks even when you do your regular mowing sessions.


On the right side of the operator, we can find the common control system for easy access.

There is the choke, ignition, the throttle bar and also the hour meter.

However, the deck height adjustment of this machine is unique.

This is a pedal-type gear which you must step with your right foot and insert the metal rod on the holes if you want to change your desired cut height.

There are 13 deck height selections and the cut height the deck offers is from 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

Other Features

For easy refueling, the gas cap is located on the left side of the operator and if you want to change oil, the oil reservoir can be easily accessible in the middle of the engine right at the back.

And when its time to change the oil there’s a special drain hose for that purpose as well.

The seat which is spring supported is also highly adjustable while the control/park levers can also be easily adjusted to suit your size and comfort.



Ideal Ground For Best Performance

The Snapper 360Z is seen as one of the best zero turn mower brands among the domestic riding mowers in today’s market.

It is best choice for small to large size lawns and also if you want to mulch your grass to make  compost.

It runs smooth on large surface areas and even performs on hilly terrains but not recommended for use on steep sloping grounds.

Cut Expectations

With 13 deck height options and capable to cut 1.5 to 4.5 inches grass height, this sure will meet your cut expectations or even exceed it.

Gas Consumption

Uses gasoline and has a 3-gallon capacity.

No available data on estimated gas consumption per acre of lawn

Worth Recommendation?

We are actually amazed on the construction of the Snapper 360Z and we don’t commonly see heavily-built riding mower such as this snapper zero turn mower.

Homeowners love this guy not only because this is a heavy duty machine and commercially graded.

 Also because it does what it’s supposed to do its performs perfectly you get more than your money’s worth with it.

Based on our research ,this machine will do the job of much more expensive brands at less than half of their price.

If you want to make sure that you also get the best deal for your money when purchasing a Snapper, check the engine first and the horsepower.

As this is at the heart of your machine’s performance followed by the frame and then the wheels.

Snapper riding mowers are known for their reliability.

But they also come with various engines and sizes. 

But for us, this Snapper 360Z model will definitely get our nod and we therefore highly recommend it.



Snapper 360Z 52-Inch 25HP Briggs & Stratton V-Twin Engine Zero Turn Lawn Mower

For our next item in our zero turn mower reviews,

We are here with another Snapper version of the 360Z much like what we have previously reviewed.

Although this has a wider 52-inch deck and a 25HP Briggs & Stratton engine.

Also, this is equipped with a cargo bed that can carry 50-lb.

Complete with rails.

This is an ATV aftermarket accessory but now exclusively installed by Snapper to provide buyers an option to use their zero turn mower more extensively.

Some people are not fond of Briggs & Stratton engine because these are not as powerful as other engine brands.

But B&S has adapted with new technology breakthroughs and this is why their machines and engines are now on par with the other best American brands.

As we have mentioned, one of the most important things when choosing the best residential zero turn mower

is the engine because this will dictate how your machine will perform in various conditions.

In this case, this machine has the right engine for general domestic use.

best zero turn mower Engine and Transmission

This machine is equipped with the powerful Briggs & Stratton Intek 25 HP Professional Series engine.

It actually belongs to the commercial model which means it can be used on larger lawns thanks to its V-Twin engine.

Briggs & Stratton rated its engine at 3600 RPM and it comes with a

ReadyStart function.

This is the newest in starting technology where you don’t need to choke or prime the engine before you can start it.

With first twist of the key and the engine will spring to life.

As usual, the transmission is the Hydro-Gear EZT Hydrostatic with 10cc fan-cooled pump and a motor for every drive.

This technology is what makes you reach your top speed of 6 MPH even without shifting a gear.

This machine has a maximum speed of 6 MPH  forward and 3 MPH on the reverse.

Both have the same efficiency on the cut.

Frame and Deck

The frame is made of fabricated solid steel with a limited lifetime warranty.

As a commercial-style mower under the Snapper brand, this is also foot operated that you can quickly lift and adjust the height of the mower deck into 13 different height cut levels.

Height cut option is from 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

With a 52-inch wide cutting deck, engaging its blade is also very easy due to the PTO control it is equipped with.

With ball bearings on the caster spindles ensures that your blades would last very long.


The essential controls of this machine are all on the right side of the operator while the deck height control is located on the right lower side of the frame.

You can also have easy access on the pulleys, belts, and spindles by opening the foot pan.

best zero turn mower Other Features

There are a lot of accessories you can attach to this machine.

You can add the cargo bed which is an aftermarket product, the twin grass catcher, the grass mulching kit and the mesh seat kit to give the operator comfort while driving the machine.

The one thing that people like with this unit is the cargo bed accessory which you can include when ordering the machine online.

People loved its convenience because they can carry gardening tools and bits and pieces with it.



Ideal Ground For Best Performance

This Snapper zero turn mower has a 52-inch deck so it sure can mow  a very wide area with every pass.

You can finish your work much faster compared to the mowers that have narrower decks but consume the same amount of gas.

Like other Snapper models, this is the perfect choice for medium to large tracts of lawn.

With its heavy-duty features, this machine won’t let you down as has been proven by landscapers, homeowners and land developers who own this model.

No worries with the hilly terrains and a few sloped edges but avoid the soft ground because this machine is quite heavy.

best zero turn mower Cut Expectations

What can you expect from the best residential zero turn mower?

  It offers you 13 choices for the deck height and 1.5 to 4.5 inches for your preferred grass height?

These features will actually give you many possibilities with your grass cutting needs.

Worth Recommending ?

We don’t want to overrate the machines that we review.

When we include a product in our zero turn mower reviews, it’s sure worth checking  out.

The Snapper 360Z 52” is not an extraordinary machine compared to the other riding mowers we are showing you here.

Primarily, this machine has got the built, the power, the capacity to finish the job much faster and it has also all the convenience the standard riding mower could offer plus extra accessories.

Without a doubt, this is also one of the mowers we really like.

Compared to the heavy-duty residential riding mower types that are expensive but equally powerful, this one is really worth owning it.

Homeowners and landscapers like it, you will love it as well once you use it even once.

So we give this machine a try.


Ariens Zoom 34 - 19hp Kohler 6000 Series V-Twin 34" Zero Turn Lawn Mower

The Ariens Zoom 34 is one of the most reliable top zero turn mowers that are in the residential class.

Small and weighs only 425 pounds but extremely powerful, it still boasts for its agile and more convenient mowing every time and can even outlast bigger machines in the zero turn category.

The one thing that this zero turn mower is really proud of is its very durable 12-gauge stamped Xlerator deck which is solid one-piece steel that is engineered for efficient airflow underneath the mower.

 Nonetheless, this compact riding mower is best for mowing small to medium-sized lawns and always a perfect choice for lawns that are less than 2 acres.

The Ariens Zoom 34 is also not a slow machine because it is powered by none other than a powerful Kohler 19 HP and can cruise your yard at a maximum speed 6 MPH on forward drive and 3 MPH reverse.

We do not hesitate to present to you the excellent capabilities of this Ariens Zoom 34

because we are confident that this could fit as one of the most reliable among the zero turn mower brands in the compact class today.

Engine and Transmission

This machine is loaded with a Kohler 6000 Series 19 HP V-Twin engine which is just right for the compact size of the machine which enables it to do efficient mowing work anytime.

The engine itself is professional grade and it’s a Kohler which is one of the most sought after American engine brands that work best with zero turn mowers including the tractors and the push lawn mower types.

This engine has a 660CC displacement and it’s a gasoline powered.

And as the Ariens company says this machine can finish mowing an acre of land in just about 30 minutes depending on the terrains and growth of the grass in the area.

Moreover, based on our research,this is the perfect choice for those who have .5 to full 2 acres of lawn  even with obstructions maneuvering it on edges is not a problem.

The machine is also equipped with an oil filter to prevent foreign materials  contaminating the oil .


This machine has a Hydrogear EZT transmission that comes with a cooling fan and a huge hydraulic oil reservoir so there’s no risk of overheating

and the speed depends on the operator’s preference .

best zero turn mower Frame and Deck

If you are searching for the best residential zero turn mower, the Ariens Zoom 34 would fit your budget and needs.

It has about the right size for small backyard lawn mowing or if you are maintaining a 2-acre plot, this can keep your lawn looking great with ease.

With a frame that is made of 1.5-inch x 1.5- inches fully welded steel

And 34-inch deck that is about 12 inches thick that makes it resistant to heat and corrosion, this machine has a build that will last.

Unlike the other zero turn mowers that are larger and have 3 spindles,

the Ariens Zoom 34 has only 2 which is just right because of its compactness and agility

making it easy to negotiate  narrower spaces and can make zero turns with ease.



This Ariens has an 18-inch seat which is very comfortable on your back.

  All shapes and size people find it comfy to use because this was built primarily for all body types.

But still, it enables you to reach all of the controls with ease which are primarily on the right side of the operator.

best zero turn mower Other Useful Features

Cutting height of the deck ranges from 1.5-in to 4.5-inch.

Height settings are up to 7 levels and you can adjust the deck height by manually shifting the lever located near the right leg of the operator.



Ideal Ground For Best Performance

We have included the Ariens Zoom 34 among our zero turn mowers reviews because we want homeowners or the landscapers to take a good look at this compact but powerful machine.

The mower can work best on flat grounds though it may sometimes have a difficult time in maneuvering on hills or steep slanted areas.

So in essence, it would be safe to say that this mower is one of the best for use on fairly flat topography which is usually are the lawn residential properties.

Moreover, we have seen lots of lawn maintenance companies having this machine and no doubt because this unit is very agile and reliable especially when it comes on tight spaces.

Cut Expectations

With 7 height options and the standard 1.5 to 4.5 inches cut height, there is no doubt that this compact riding mower can meet your cut expectations.

Gas Consumption

With 2 gallons  its full fuel capacity, the Ariens Zoom 34 zero turn will be able to mow through 3/4 of an acre and still leaving some fuel for the next lawn mowing session.

Moreover, you will definitely use more gas if you shift your gears to mulching or when going up and down some hilly areas.

Worth Recommendation

 We are sure that this machine could be the best zero residential zero turn mower you must have for domestic use.

First, it has the Kohler 19 HP engine complete with hydro-gear transmission and a foot-operated deck lift with manual selection height control.

Then there’s the super thick deck that will ensure you to have durable and stable support for your spindles and blades.

And  it is built for residential mowing purposes,it has the quality and features  that you would find on the commercial types zero turn mowers.

Finally, aside from recommending this machine for your check out,

we also advise you to look for its videos online to see how it works and how this could give you an advantage in maintaining a beautiful lawn.


Ariens IKON-XL 60" Zero Turn Mower 25hp Kohler

We have included the Ariens IKON-XL 60” among our top zero turn mower reviews because of its exceptional qualities and working features that you will want from your best residential zero turn mower.

This machine is powered by a toughie 25 HP V Twin Kohler engine that gives the machine unmatched zero turn power and of highest performance.

And with a commercial grade hydro gear ZT 2800 transmission this also gives the machine the utmost torque for smoothest operation and full control.

The 60-inch cutting deck of the Ariens IKON XL which is made of fabricated steel is much like the commercial design which the professional mower series are equipped with.

It is 4.5 inches deep for good airflow and when we say fabricated steel, this means there is no welded joint that could loosen up and therefore the deck is solidly made.

The unbelievable thing about this machine is its drive belt which is spring adjusted

so you won’t have the problem of the belt loosening up in the middle of mowing your lawns.

This is the number one problem most zero turn mowers have.

This Ariens is a good choice for medium to large yards.

The clipping discharge opening of this machine is very wide.

while its 20″ wide rear tires can  just about drive over any surface.

The machine is built for high-performance jobs with low maintenance needs.

Every machine is said to be religiously assessed, tested and enhanced down to the last small piece

to make sure that every Ariens would have excellent quality with an almost indestructible quality before they are sold.

As the company says, the Ariens lawn mowers are not designed by mechanics but  the land owners who use them.

With a 3-year limited residential warranty, you will be covered leaving you to get on with mowing your grass.

So what does this Ariens IKON XL 60” Have to Offer

Engine and Transmission

Its engine is a Kohler 7000 series 25 HP V-Twin which is basically on the side of the professional grade

So all of the components are made with high precision, durability and the power it gives to the machine is superb.

The transmission, on the other hand, is a professional grade hydro-gear ZT-2800 Transaxle.

This is the kind of transmission that only the most powerful riding mowing machines are equipped with and giving the engine the torque it needs for smoother control.

Complete with a vigorous engine and a high-tech transmission, the maximum cutting speed of this machine is 7 MPH forward and 3 MPH reverse.

Frame and Deck

The frame is made of 3” x 1.5” fully welded tubular steel without any bolts for solid frame strength and stability.

With a frame as solid as this, it is unlikely that the frame will bend even in the case of toppling over with a heavy load.

The deck is also something to talk about.

It is very wide at 60 inches but super tough because it is constructed with 11-gauge fabricated steel

and loaded with 3 anti-scalp deck rollers to protect the blades as well as the grass when cutting hilly areas.

You have 13 cutting height options with this machine and you can easily adjust the height by simply dialing the height selector at the control panel located at the right side of the seat.

So there’s literally no pins and levers you should set when adjusting your cut height.

All you need to do is step on the foot pedal to ready the gears for height selection and dial the number you want that indicate deck height.

best zero turn mower Seat and Tires

The rear tires of the Ariens IKON XL are huge 20” x 12” which can deliver the utmost traction and smoothest ride on any terrain.

The spring seat is made of plush materials for comfortable ride with a high back and padded armrest that are adjustable.

Even some of the top zero turn mower brands don’t have the seat as comfortable as the Ariens IKON XL.

 This is why this machine has become the envy of many people as they also want comfort while mowing lawns.

Other Useful Features

The Ariens IKON XL is very  appealing because it has upgraded its its wheels to a very modern look.

Each of its 2 rear tires is now equipped with shiny 10-in chrome covers with a logo of Ariens.
Another useful feature is the LED headlight which can help you do your job even in low light conditions like early morning or early evening.



Some users find the engine a bit small for the size of the machine

Ideal Ground for Best Performance

We have included in our zero turn mower reviews the Ariens IKON XL 60 because, for us, this is the mowing machine that you will really enjoy.

It is fully equipped with the right body, engine, and features so we think that this would best fit for orchards,

large lawns like small golf courses or even for backyards with flat grounds and have moderate hilly topographies.

This is not built though to mow steep hills or near ponds with soft soil edges although its  able to mow even wet grass with ease.

best zero turn mower Cut Expectations

Height deck selection can be done by simply turning the dial on the control panel while cut options range from 1.5 to 4.5 inches thru a mechanical foot lift.

With 3 blades rotating and powered by a powerful engine, we expect that all your cut expectations from this machine will not disappoint.

Gas Consumption

With 2.8 gallons fuel capacity, we expect that the machine could easily finish about 3 acres easily considering that the engine is fuel efficient and built as a residential type mower.

Worth Recommendation

As for recommending this machine, yes, people who are looking for power and style. This machine will fit their mowing needs for domestic and light commercial use.

With a powerful Kohler engine, a solid deck and frame and a variable selection of deck heights through an easy dial control, who wouldn’t want a zero turn mower like this.  

 With the many lawn mowing businesses we know, they have the Ariens IKON XL 60 in their sheds because is highly reliable and does a great job when it comes to mowing smaller areas like orchards and school yards quickly.

With a 3-year limited warranty on parts and services, you as the owner can be fully covered by this model’s warranty scheme.

And based from the research,this zero turn mower can really outlast some of the popular zero turn mowers today that money can buy.


Troy-Bilt Mustang XP 50 23hp Briggs and Stratton

When homeowners want to buy a zero turn mower, obviously they will look for the most affordable unit but at the same time dependable, branded, durable and made in the USA.

This Troy-Bilt Mustang XP is not only under the $3,000 price and American made but it’s now becoming one of the most reliable names in the outdoor maintenance.

This mower according to research is always dependable and built to last.

With a 23 HP Briggs and Stratton 724cc V-Twin Engine and a 50-inch fabricated steel deck, this deck can be electronically controlled.

Briggs and Stratton engines are very dependable much like the Kohler and Kawasaki engine brands.

And with  24 HP, this machine will surely be a workhorse on your lawn and a perfect fit for residential and even for commercial lawn mowing purposes.

The Troy-Bilt Mustang has a multi-tone gray finish which makes it a handsome piece of equipment in your garage.

Let’s take a look at why this machine deserves to be included in our Troy-Bilt riding mower reviews.

Engine and Transmission

The engine is a tough Briggs & Stratton 23 HP 724cc Pro Series Twin cylinder engine with 724 cc so no doubt this machine will always be reliable with this engine.

As such, the transmission is also a Dual EZT Hydrostatic transmission which provides the machine’s smooth operation and control.

At top speed, this machine can reach up to 7 MPH forward and 2.5 MPH in reverse.

But even though this machine can go fast while mowing, the cut grass it can produce will be neat and well-manicured thanks to the 3 tough blades that are strategically positioned under the deck.

Frame and Deck

The deck of the Troy-Bilt XP Mustang is a heavy-duty 50-inch reinforced fabricated steel for super durability.

This deck also has a built-in wash system for easy underside maintenance and cleaning so whenever you are finished with the mowing , you only need to hose down the underside through the port, engage the blade and cleaning is complete.

Engaging the blades, by the way, can be done through the electric PTO control found on the right side of the operator.

There are 8 positions for deck adjustment if you want to adjust the height of the cut and this can be done through manual adjustment.


The seat is a premium high-back seat with 2 large springs under the seat to serve as suspension.

These will provide you super comfortable driving and will protect your spine from shocks when taking the machine on rough terrain and hills.


The front tires of this machine measure 18-inches x 9.5 inches while the swivel tires measure 13-inches x 5-inches.

These tires are unusually large if compared to the standard front swivel tires of other brands and therefore safe to drive the machine on soft soil.

This unit has been tested to mow on wet grass to see how the wheels could hold  traction and if the blades would be as efficient in the wet as well.

The test results showed that the front wheels kept a good hold on the grass and no problem in cutting the wet grass.

The two front swivel tires also did not only serve as directional wheels but also help the machine to cruise above the grass smoothly.

There are also the 4 deck wheels and a rear roller to prevent blades from scalping the ground whenever the machine goes up hills and uneven terrain.

These also serve as support for the deck because the deck is thick and heavy.

Other Useful Features

The fuel capacity of the Troy-Bilt XP Mustang is 2.8 gallons which is enough to finish a couple of acres of lawns before the need for refilling.

This unit has an overall heavy-duty built and everything about it is solidly made.

So aside from the features that we mentioned, it is also easy to start with its electronic ignition system.



Ideal Ground For Best Performance

Because this Troy-Bilt is seen by many as one of the most dependable and affordable zero turn mower brands among the zero turns for residential lawn maintenance.

 We can say that with its size and capacity it best suits working on level ground but can also be used on small hilly areas such as orchards, ranches and farm lots.

We do not advice, however, that this machine should be used on areas where the topography is steep because they are specifically built for level surfaces.

Cut Expectations

Cut height ranges from 1.5 to 4.5-inches.

We have seen this machine how it works and the cut it makes is perfect and well suited for everyday use.

 Driving this zero turn mower its very easy to learn and in no time you will produce  beautifully manicured grass with this unit.

Gas Consumption

With a 2.8-gallon fuel tank, the company says this can easily mow 2.5 acres in an hour as tested.

And with its Briggs & Stratton engine, we are confident that this machine would always be fuel efficient.

Worth Recommendation

For residential use or for property maintenance, this machine would be cool to have.

We have not seen many problems with it including engine breakdowns, parts breaking down or anything that would assume this machine is not worth buying.

So with all the essential elements poured into this machine and field tested,

We are also certain that this machine will surpass your expectations once you drive this unit.


Snapper 560Z 61-Inch 24HP Kawasaki V-Twin Engine Zero Turn Lawn Mower/Cargo Bed

The Snapper 560Z 61-Inch is now highly considered a professional grade zero turn mower not only by many homeowners but also by those who make a living maintaining lawns.

Very easy to maneuver, it comes fully packed with all the improvements you would want from a commercial-style zero turn mower.

The frame is solidly made because all  its parts are all-steel welded construction and it is  manufactured for high-performance jobs.

The Hydro-gear ZT 3200 hydrostatic transaxles transmission is also another feature.

With it, it will deliver a smoother mowing experience while easily cruising while cutting your lawn. 

With a wide 61” fabricated mower deck that is solid 10-gauge steel, this unit is constructed to be solid and resistant to corrosion.

Reinforced and welded,  for years of  mowing, this deck is made to last while it is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The steel front axles which measures 1.5” x 2” are made of steel and also the wrap-around steel bumper will make sure that this machine can handle tough jobs and will last for years.

The integrated cargo bed is another big plus for the Snapper 560Z that can provide a lot of utility additions such as a carrier for fertilizers, flower trays or for dirt hauling.

For easy control, all of the essential switch and levers including the fuel-level indicator are all within easy reach for the operator.

best zero turn mower Engine

The Snapper 560Z has the Kawasaki FR730V 24 HP Twin  with an electric start capability.

This engine is manufactured in the US and with such a powerful engine, the machine can cruise at a maximum speed of 8 MPH and 4 MPH  reverse.

Also equipped with a cooling pump, there’s no  chance of overheating your machine even when you use it for hours.

Frame and Deck

The frame of this unit is made of 11-gauge welded steel while the 10-gauge fabricated steel deck has an astonishing 61-inch width.

People see this machine as a semi-commercial zero turn mower because it is built like a heavy-duty machine for large acres of lawns and weights 950 so it’s quite heavy.

Adjusting the deck height of this unit is also easy through the mechanical foot operated pedal and you have the option of cutting 1.5 inches to 5-inch height.

Engaging the blades is also a breeze with the Snapper 560Z because this can be controlled electronically through the control panel near the operator.

The spindles are also greasables so whenever you replace your blades, this gives you the opportunity to grease  the spindles.

Also, the grass deflector measures 72” wide and 62” long so this is big enough to prevent crap from flying out far and wide.


The back tires of this machine are the standard 20 x 10-8 inches while the front caster tires are wide at 13 x 5-6 inch and flat.

If you are thinking this machine could enter small gates easily,just remember this machine is 78 inches wide.


The seat is an 18-inch high back adjustable so even you are a bit large of a person, the seat can accommodate you accordingly.

best zero turn mower Other Useful Features

With a commercially inspired machine with a cargo bed and extra heavy duty front axle,

this machine is not only useful for maintaining your lawn but also as a utility vehicle in your garden or backyard.

So in essence, you have a ruggedly designed riding mower and a transporter in one.



Ideal Ground For Best Performance

This snapper zero turn mower has been getting good reviews  much as the other models we have presented here.

With an ultra-powerful 24 HP Twin Engine Kawasaki engine, the machine is surely a workhorse and can do other purposes other than just mowing.

For homeowners who have medium to large lots or for those who are in the business of maintaining lawns or for commercial landscapes,

This would be an ideal machine specifically for flat ground that need to be kept neat and tidy every time.

Nobody has tested this machine on steep slopes but nevertheless, this kind of ground would be better keeped for the tractor types because zero turn mowers are built to work best on level ground.

There are 12 optional deck heights this machine offers and the cuts height options are from 1.5 to 4.5 inches.


Gas Consumption

With 5.5 gallons capacity, this machine according to our research can mow 1.5 acres in just about 45 minutes.

Your gas consumption, therefore, will depend on the slope or on the type of the terrain but the engine of this machine can ensure you a fuel-efficient mowing job.

Worth Recommendation?

On our part, this machine is definitely worth recommending for for many reasons. 

Primarily, the Kawasaki 24HP is a vigorous and powerful engine.

The engine is  air-cooled and there’s no possibility of the machine overheating.

And with a dual transmission system, you  can mow hour after hour without any problems.

We also like the feature of  this snapper zero turn mower as a small towing machine,

a hauler and an overall utility vehicle.

All in all, this machine can help you in your search for a commercially graded riding mower though it would be perfect as a residential zero turn mower….


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