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Canvas Tent Waterproofer Products Can Save Your Day During Storms


Are you worried your canvas tent might be soaked  if a sudden rainstorm comes during your camping adventure, then why not do something about it. Use a canvas tent waterproofer to make sure your tent can withstand anything nature can throw? Tents are great fun for campers, backpackers, and trampers who want to stay outdoors overnight. While in the outdoors our lives depend on their toughness. However, nature will always play its role and when it rains, this is where we need the best protection from our tents.   

Did you know that rain is more frequent in the forest than in populated areas? So when we commune with nature, it’s only right that our tents secure us against the power of nature. But what are the best types of tents that can offer us protection against heat, cold, and rain? In our experience, and we know that many will agree, it’s the classic canvas tents that are the best when it comes to heat, cold, and water protection capacities. 

But what is it about the canvas tents that make them more durable and dependable than the rest of the tent varieties? And what are the different types  of canvas types to help us choose which can fit our needs? Also, are canvas tents waterproof? So let’s know more about the canvas tents and the other types of tents before we go into the details of how to waterproof canvas tents. Yes, you read it right. Truth is, no tent is 100% waterproof so let’s learn how to make the canvas tents more resilient against leaking.    

canvas tent waterproofer

Are Canvas Tents Waterproof? Do You Need A Tent Waterproofer?

As we have said, there’s no such thing as a 100% waterproof tent although canvas tents are the best in giving up protection from water leakage. Generally speaking, canvas tents are made up of woven cotton while some are manufactured with a polyvinyl mix which we call the polycotton canvas tents. Cotton is stronger than man-made fabrics like polyester and nylon. And when it gets wet, its cotton swells making the tent almost impermeable to moisture. And with a polycotton canvas tent, this feature added more to the water-resistant capacity of the canvas tents. 

But how come we still need a canvas tent waterproofer when these tents already are quite water resistant ? This is because cotton when it gets soaked with too much water for a long time can also leak slowly particularly when water forms pools as the tent sags due to the weight of the accumulated rain. So it is wise that we should keep our canvas tent waterproofing products on hand whenever we plan on staying outdoors for any length of time and waterproof them beforehand.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tent Type Fabrics

There are many kinds of tents available in today’s market and they also vary in design and materials to satisfy the needs of the users. From the single-person types up to the large size tents that can house up to 30 people, most of the materials that other tents are made of are man-made fabrics such as polyester and nylon. These tents are lighter, cheaper, not bulky, and are also quick to dry. On the other hand, these features are in contrast with the canvas tents which are heavy, bulky, and take time to dry out after being in the rain. However, tents made of polyester and nylons also adapt to the temperature of the environment around them. 

When it’s hot, they also get hot. When it’s cold, they also get cold making you uncomfortable when  camping under extreme environmental conditions. In a windy setting, they hardly stay put because they are lightweight. Canvas tents, on one hand, can breathe so they can stay cool under the summer heat and can insulate you during cold climates. And because they are naturally heavy, they can withstand a strong breeze and stay put. 

When it comes to waterproofing, nylon and polyester they can also be treated with waterproofing spray products like canvas tents. However, you must be aware of the kinds of products you use because some sprays contain silicone that can damage the acrylic elements on the polyester and nylon tents. Unlike canvas tents, cotton absorbs anything you spray on it and it stays there without doing damage and this is why the use of a canvas tent waterproofing spray can turn a canvas tent into an efficient waterproofed tent.    


Different Types of Canvas Tents

Canvas tents are available in different sizes, designs, and shapes and all of these can be treated with a canvas tent waterproofer for totally waterproofing assurance. Here are the tent designs you must check out if you are planning to buy your canvas tent: 

Pup Canvas Tents.

Canvas Tent Waterproofer

 For single or couple campers. Smallest among the canvas tents, these are the lightest as well the most portable types among tents. Very easy to transport, these are used mostly by hikers who want to stay out overnight. Also used by soldiers in the field during the old days, these tents can be propped up by only two small poles. If you want to use a canvas tent waterproofer for this tent type, this only takes a few minutes to waterproof it.     

Teepee Canvas Tents

Canvas Tent WaterprooferCan  house up to 8-10 people depending on its size. These tents took the designs of the old “wigwam tents’ ‘ that were used by the indigenous people in North America during the old era. With a triangular shape, they are also easy to pack up when moving from site to site. They can also be excellent choices for glampers, campers, and backpackers and they come in a variety of sizes.  

Bell Canvas Tents

Canvas Tent Waterproofer

Can accommodate from 4 to 10 people. These tents are large but have simple designs and only use single poles that serve as support for the whole canopy. But to secure the canopy better, it is anchored down by lots of tie-downs. Shaped like bells because of their narrow tops with rounded or square bases, they can be very versatile for people who want to stay outdoors during summer or even winter in groups. Being large, canvas tent waterproofing products in the form of sprays you can do the waterproofing faster on these kinds of tents. 

Yurt Canvas Tents.

Canvas Tent WaterprooferUp to 8 people. The shapes of the Yurt tents provide more room compared to the Bell canvas tents’ designs. They have a roomier space usually in a circular shape, higher roofs, and the users can even stand in the corners unlike with the Bell tent with a narrow corner.   

  Cabin Canvas Tent.

Canvas Tent WaterprooferFrom 4 to 10 people. From its shape, the cabin tents are the typical rectangular types that are ideal for family outdoor tips. Some even have dividers to provide privacy to couples and they can also accommodate sitting areas like guestrooms. More so, these types are some of the largest types of tents for a large group of people.  

How to Waterproof Canvas Tents Using Natural Products?


There are many ways on how to waterproof canvas tents and there are also canvas waterproofing products you can count on. However, some of these products require intensive labor to apply while other products need constant reapplication to make them more effective. 

Here are some of the canvas tent waterproofer stuff that many people are using including their advantages and disadvantages: 

Combination of silicone and mineral spirit. 

Silicone is an inorganic polymer or a sealant in a more simple description while the mineral spirit is a cleansing and degreasing agent or simply, a degrading chemical that can melt silicon into liquid form. The ways how to use these materials to serve as canvas tent waterproofers are simple. 

You need a large mixing plastic bowl with a tight lid and a paint roller or a paintbrush. Put a good amount of silicone in the bowl or about a half cup and pour about 2 cups of mineral spirit into it. Secure the lid and shake the mixture vigorously a few times. Check the mixture if there are lumps. Add more mineral spirit to dissolve the lump then shake again. Apply the liquefied silicone all over the tent using the paintbrush or roller. 

Advantages:  Silicone can render the canvas tent more waterproof as the fabric absorbs the sticky polymer substance and hardens making the fabric tougher and more resilient against water and wind.   

DisadvantagesPreparation can be intensive as you cannot mix one batch of the mixture in large portions so you have to add silicone and mineral spirit from time to time to avoid clumping of the silicone as the mineral spirit is highly volatile.    

Combination of Beeswax and Paraffin and Use of Clothes Iron.

If you still want to know how to waterproof canvas tents using only natural products, the combination of beeswax and paraffin could live up to your expectations. And what you need to have for the application is only a large paintbrush and a clothes iron. 

Start by measuring the beeswax and the paraffin and do a 1:4 ratio (beeswax to paraffin) then boil the combination at low heat for about 40 minutes until it becomes liquid. Place the canvas on a wide table and stretch it out then dip the brush and apply the mixture evenly on the canvas. Once finished on the first side, heat the clothes iron to high heat and iron out the waxed surface of the tent until the painted wax becomes dry and smooth. Do the same on the other side of the tent. 

Advantages: You won’t need to do this kind of waxing often if you’re not using your canvas tent frequently or you could repeat this once a year for better waterproof assurance. There’s no bad smell and it can be protected from the UV rays as well. This is the best canvas tent waterproofer method in organic form. 

Disadvantages: Boiling is required so you need to be careful during application. Application is also manual and slow. These methods are safer than relying on inorganic products. The only problem is the way they are applied which needs patience and more time to apply. But if you are looking for the  quickest method, Then  we can recommend the canvas tent waterproofing spray. 

Benefits of Using Canvas Tent Waterproofing Spray

The canvas tent waterproofing spray products are some of the hottest items today because they are very easy to use and readily available. With just a few sprays on the canvas  its components will work their way into the fabric and bind the cotton fiber more tightly creating more bonded fibers for canvas tents. 

Most of these spray-on products contain fluoropolymer formulas that can waterproof not only canvas materials but also man-made fabrics. And to test if the canvas tent waterproofer product works, you only need to hang the sprayed tent on a tree limb and spray water on it. If the water has produced beads on the surface, the product works. But if moisture has penetrated through the other side of the canvas, spray again to add more layers then repeat the test process. Sometimes all it needs is a few more sprays to get the perfect waterproofing of the canvas. 

There are several reasons why the canvas tent waterproofing spray products are more preferred than the traditional wax applications. 

Readily available at hardware stores and online

If you want to have a wider choice, Amazon offers some of the most popular, most tested, and most versatile canvas tent waterproofing spray items that you can depend on. Why we offer the Amazon store is because you can read reviews of the first-hand users that can testify the quality of the products.  

Very affordable

Imagine buying a waterproofer for less than $35 which you can use even on your canoes, boats, and tarpaulin after waterproofing your canvas tent. So basically, you get your money’s worth with these products.  

Protections against UV rays and stains.

 Most of the spray-on canvas tent waterproofer products today offer protections against staining and the harmful effects of the sun’s rays that can degrade the quality and color of your canvas tent.  

Easy to carry

If you’re camping with a group or with your family and you notice that your canvas tent needs more protection against rain, these products can be applied spot-on wherever you are. 

Canvas Tent Waterproofing Products We Would Like You to Try

Let’s review some of the products we have already tested and approved by many people because of their amazing waterproofing qualities for canvas tents. 

Just by reading the reviews, you will know something amazing that this product offers to its users. We used this once during our trip to the beach and we brought along our Bell canvas tent and I have this 128-ounce gallon. But before we go, I sprayed this product all over my tent using a garden sprayer then put some of it in an empty detergent bottle sprayer just to be sure. Strong rain came that night but not a drop of moisture was seen on our table. 

This product also offers UV and stain protection and is the best choice for boat covers, sail covers, backpacks, jackets, and even leather shoes. Although I have tried this many times on my other items, according to the manufacturer, one gallon of this can cover 465 square feet depending on the amount of your application. You can also mix it with the mineral spirit if you think its chemical is too strong for your items but avoid using it with denatured alcohol. So if you’re one of those who ask are canvas tents waterproof, yes they can be efficiently waterproofed if you’ll be using this Star Brite product and the reviews at Amazon will tell you more.   

A spray-type canvas tent waterproofer can be necessary if you want to bring with you a spot-on product that can instantly work and you don’t have to wait for hours for it to dry. This product is a heavy-duty spray type with a silicone mix that can protect a wide variety of outdoor gears including tarps, hunting apparel, boots, boat covers, and even tents made of different fabrics. 

Yes, it has silicone in it but according to many users, it won’t harm even the polyester and nylon tents. With 6 cans in one set, it can cover up to 120 square feet so you can coat even inside the tarps and tents. Once applied, it quickly bonds onto the fabrics and leather making the items from a very tough water barrier while the material can still breathe. Kiwi is a world-class brand and with lots of good reviews about this product, we won’t hesitate to buy it whenever we need a spray-type canvas tent waterproofer.

Are you looking for an American-made waterproofing product that you can use not only for your canvas tent but also for your umbrellas, suede shoes, upholstery, life jackets, and other outdoor stuff that you need waterproofed? Well, this Fabric Guard product says it all. What we like about this product is it can make your items have their resiliency against water like they are new again while protecting your items against stains. 

Also, this can be applied to tents made of polyester and nylon and will not damage their fabrics. The items you sprayed will not lose their breathability and no discoloration even if you repeatedly spray your tent with it. This is the right kind of stuff if all you need is a lighter canvas tent waterproofer and it does not produce a bad odor to the fabric. Easy to carry because it’s in a spray-form container, you can just hang it on your backpack’s side and ideal for small tents for couples.  


With the tips and the products we showed you, you may now feel more secure and safer against water leakage whenever you plan to spend your next night or even a week outdoors.Remember using the traditional waxing process, you need to do these at home before camping. 

But if you want a quicker water protection process for your canvas tents, the products we’ve shown you here are already tested for their reliability and are also very affordable. Easy to use, easy on the pocket, and very dependable, that’s what we need when buying the best tent waterproofer.