How To Change Lawn Mower Oil

How To Change Lawn Mower Oil

One of the most important elements in maintaining lawn mowers is learning how to change the lawn mower engine oil.

Dirty oil can make the engine work hard and make the engine easily overheats which is harmful to the engine itself.

The most obvious physical signs that your engine oil is dirty are if the oil gets sticky, murky or lumpy.

How Much Oil To Put In Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers also have engines that need to be maintained like our cars and therefore you should know how to change lawn mower oil as necessary to keep its engine running smoothly.

However, lawn mowers are not all alike in many aspects, especially in their engine designs, horsepower, and maintenance need.

How Often To Change Lawn Mower Oil

That’s why every lawn mower manufacturer has its own recommendation on when to change oil given the hours of operation aside from the physical signs for obvious change oil requirement.

When Do I Need To Change My Lawn Mower OIl?

If you are unsure on when you should change your mower’s oil, better check your user’s manual.

Briggs and Stratton recommend that for their new lawn mowers, you need to change the oil for the first five hours of use then 25 hours after every use.

This seems to be too frequent for some but if you want to prolong the life of your B&S lawn mower, you may want to follow the company’s recommendations.

How Often To Change Lawn Mower Oil

Generally, you will need to change oil every 40 hours of lawn mower use.

But if you are using your machine hardcore and almost every day on a dirt-ridden, grassy terrain, you have to change its oil  at least every 30 hours of operation.

More so, you should take matters into your hands if you see that your engine’s oil is very dirty and really needs a quick oil change.

As a guide, at the very least you should  change your lawn mower oil once a year.

considering you use it over summer frequently.

The old oil inside the engine can produce sludge, that can damage the mower’s engine parts.

How To Service a Lawn Mower
How To Service a Lawn Mower

The main reason why you should change the oil as frequently as possible is that our lawn mowers work close to the ground and deal with a lot of dirt & dust blowing around when doing its job.

 2 or 4 stroke lawn mower engines, can sometimes get overheated especially on hot weather.

 While the clamp of grass, mud, dust, sand, moisture, and dirty gasoline can also contribute in the contamination of the oil .

This is why you should know how to change your lawn mower oil and this only involves a very simple process.

Actually, it will only take you around 5 to 10 minutes to change the oil in your lawn mower.

Simple Process : How To Change Oil in Lawn Mower

Refer to your user’s manual to check on the type of oil your machine requires.

Start the engine first for about 3 minutes to allow the oil to circulate inside the engine for easier flow of oil when draining.

Turn off the engine

Clean the outer part of oil filler container especially around the dipstick cap by using compressed air or wiping the dirt with a clean rag.

This is to prevent dirt from getting in once you remove the cap.

How Much Oil To Put In Lawn Mower

To prevent gasoline from spilling out from the tank, unscrew the gasoline’s cap and put plastic under it and put back the cap.

The plastic will serve as a seal when tipping the mower on its side.

Lay down a piece of wood that is about 4 x 4 in diameter on the side of the lawn mower.

The wood will serve as a platform when tipping the machine sideways allowing for freer oil drainage.

How to clean a lawn mower
How To Winterize A Lawn Mower

Put the drain pan towards the mouth of the oil containment where the oil would drain out.

If your machine has a draining plug located at the bottom of the mower you can undo this plug and remove old oil this way.

But i find it easier to tip your mower as you don’t need any tools.

Unscrew  oil cap  and tip the machine sideways making sure the drain pan is catching all the oil.

Let all the oil drip out.
Bring back the lawn mower to its standing position and put in new engine oil.

Again, follow the recommended amount of oil as specified in the manual or use the cap’s dipstick in checking the oil level.

Usually, there’s a line on the dipstick to serve as your guide for the right amount of oil.

Screw the oil cap back on and tighten it securely.

How To Change Lawn Mower Oil
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What Should I do If I Put In Too Much Oil?

If you think you accidentally put too much oil in your lawn mower , just do the same thing when changing the oil or use a tube or suction bulb to take out the excess.

 If you let the excess oil stay in there, there could be an oil leak through the carburetor and engine damage may occur.

The first sign of excessive oil is when white smoke comes out of the muffler and the engine may sputters or sometimes stops in the middle of the operation.

Lawn Mower Won’t Start

How to change lawn mower oil filter

Now you are familiar with how to change lawn mower oil, we also have a tip  specifically if your lawn mower has an oil filter on it.

Functions of the Oil Filter

The oil filter is responsible for removing contaminants from your mower’s engine oil.

Due to prolonged use of your machine and the continuous filtering out of the dirt to keep your mower’s engine clean.

Some dirt particles can accumulate inside the oil filter as the engine oil continuously enters and exit the filter.

How to Turn On a Lawn Mower

Dirty oil can damage the oil pump components and can wear the engine’s bearing surfaces.

However, since oil filters in canisters are now generally used, these are completely sealed.

Therefore cannot be cleaned out and are therefore disposable.

So in essence, you need to change your lawn mower’s oil filter if it gets dirty or at least once a year.

Change Oil The Filter?

Position a small oil container under the neck of the oil filter canister while the lawn mower is in standing position.

Unscrew the old oil filter slowly using your hand and let the dirty oil come out from the oil filter seat completely.

Prepare the new oil filter as recommended on your manual and wipe it with clean engine oil around its filter mouth seal.

Cap the oil filter can securely in its place but not too tight to avoid getting it stuck when replacing oil filter becomes necessary.

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So you see, it’s no brainer 

how to change lawn mower oil.

Anyone can do it.

There’s one precaution though we must impress to you and that is choosing the right replacement oil.



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