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Living with hearing loss can be a challenge. Depending on the level of hearing impairment you have, there are certain lifestyle adjustments that you need to take into account in order to go about your daily, normal routine. Take for example the need for doorbells. Something as mundane as this tool may be taken for granted by those with normal auditory functions, but those who have little to no hearing need to have special ones—like a hearing impaired doorbell system or even an alarm clock to serve their needs.

But how do doorbells for hard of hearing work? Similar to other tools made especially for those with hearing impairment, these doorbells provide a different type of signal to the user. These signals can come either in the form of vibrations, strobe lights, or—for those who can still hear a bit of sound—loud alarms. Choosing the best deaf doorbell system will depend on the type of hearing impairment of the homeowner, as well as their preference and comfort on how they want these signals to be delivered.

Looking for the best doorbell for deaf people? We listed the top three models in the market today:

This deaf-friendly model can be used in two ways. First, it can be used as a regular alert device with its 52 alert chimes that can be customizable into four different volume levels (which makes it ideal for those who only have a partial hearing impairment), and second as a vibrating-alert device with a clip-on portable vibrating-receiver that give signals for those with more severe hearing problems.

In addition to these functions, the SadoTech also works as a deaf doorbell flashing light unit with its LED light ring indicator that flashes every time someone outside alerts it. This model is completely wireless and offers a long range of 500 feet (1000ft in open areas), which makes it ideal for other places like bigger nursing homes and hospitals. Its wide covered area provides more mobility to its users as long as they wander within the allowed range. Users can either choose to have both sound and vibration signals, or just one.

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This deaf doorbell flashing light model is one of the most versatile units in the market today. The Anpress Doorbell is equipped with three working modes—users can choose from only having a flash signal, a ring signal, or both. Each unit comes with seven color flashing signals and 16 kinds of music that are adjustable in volume. A wireless model, it can work from 30 to 50 meters and does not require any complicated wiring for installation.

What’s good with this deaf doorbell flashing light model, however, is that it comes with a transmitter that also lights up whenever someone is at the door. This signals the one ringing that it is working—preventing them not to leave, or even better, to not abuse pressing that button—even if they do not hear any sound inside your home (in the event that you choose the light only function).

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You’ll never miss the door again with this doorbell strobe light hearing impaired model from Safeguard Supply. A perfect addition not only for the homes of those hard of hearing but also in noisy areas like factories, the Security 2020 comes with a bright flashing red strobe light that will catch your attention even if you are in the next room. This doorbell for the hearing impaired chimes for 10 seconds when pushed, and gives out 20 successive flashes of light to catch attention.

Moreover, this model can cover a range of 150 feet from its push button to its chime and promises easy installation without any need for complicated wiring. The Security 2020 is also equipped with 17,000 different privacy codes which ensure that your doorbell sound won’t interfere with that of your neighbor’s (and vice versa).

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Technology has definitely made it easier for the hearing impaired to lead normal lifestyles. It can get overwhelming to choose the best doorbell with all the options out there, but one good place to start is to know what level and kind of hearing impairment you have. This can help guide you on knowing which signals will work best for your needs and help you narrow down the list.

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