How To Drain Oil From Lawn Mower

How To Drain Oil From Lawn Mower

 Need to drain oil from your lawn mower an oil change must always be a part of your lawn mower’s maintenance because running your lawn mower with dirty oil could really bring damage to your machine’s engine.

That’s why it is very significant that you must know to how to drain oil from lawn mower the right way in order that you can refresh your engine’s lubricant without the mess.

There are many ways  how clean oil can benefit our lawn mowers.

But the most important thing it does is it keeps your engine’s parts properly lubricated so that every bit of the metal is friction- free and well-balanced.

Two-Stroke Vs. Four-Stroke Lawn Mower oil

There are two kinds of engines that lawn mowers are equipped with and these are the 2-stroke and the 4-stroke.

The 2-strokes required a combination of oil with the gasoline as combustion happens in one chamber.

However, there must be a proper combination of oil and fuel whenever you need to add fuel to your 2-stroke engine.

You cannot also combine regular lawn mower oil in the gasoline or use automotive oil because the detergents and additives in these oils can damage the parts in the combustion chamber.

How To Drain Oil From Lawn Mower
2-stroke :Lawn Mower

With 4-strokes, mixing oil and fuel is not an issue because there are 2 chambers for each element.

You can also use all types of lawn mower oil including synthetic oil and even automotive oil included in your User’s Manual list.

The 4-stroke engines are now the most common types among the push mowers we use today.

So we will discuss  how important the oil change is also on how to drain oil from lawn mower including how to change the oil as well.

How To Drain Oil From Lawn Mower
4 Stroke lawn Mower

Types of Oil Your Four-Stroke Needs

When it comes to 4-stroke engine oil requirements, we always recommend that you prefer first the type of oil specified in your user’s manual.

This is to ensure that your engine only gets the right viscosity and elements in the oil that will protect your engine and all its parts.

However, generic lawn mower oils are also safe to use because these are already formulated to use by all 4-stroke engine lawn mowers.

In fact, you can save more money with generic types because these are cheaper and easy to find.

Going back to the viscosity, there are actually four or five types of lawn mower oil today having SAE grades and these include the synthetic types.

Each grade conforms to viscosity or thickness of the oil and each type is blended to be convenient for lawn mowers on certain temperatures.

Common Grade Types of Oil That Are Easily Available

The SAE 30 oil is most commonly used by homeowners because they need to use their lawn mowers during summer.

The only problem with this oil is once the weather changes and the temperature drops below the freezing point, your lawn mower will experience a hard start.

How to Winterize a Lawn Mower

So how often to change lawn mower oil or how would you know when to change oil in lawn mower?
Lawn mower manufacturers including Briggs & Stratton recommend that for new lawn mowers you have to change its oil 5 hours after the first run and 25 hours thereafter. This is to let the clean oil circulate properly around the crankshaft and the engine.

Moreover, if you are only cutting a small area of grass on a neatly cared for lawn.

 Only mowing during spring or summer, changing oil every 50 hours would not be a problem.

Unless, of course, if your oil show signs of needing replacement.

How To Drain Oil From Lawn Mower

Signs When Lawn Mower Oil Needs Changing

You know that lawn mower oil gets dirty pretty quick and needs changing if it shows any of the physical symptoms such as follows:

Milky-looking oil.

This could mean that your oil got contaminated with antifreeze or water.

It could also be a sign of a problem in the internal engine. Change the oil then observe

Black, thick oil.

This means the oil is totally dirty due to carbon that comes from the engine.

This may require oil flushes using flushing agent for lawn mowers followed by a total oil change.

How To Drain Oil From Lawn Mower
Black Thick Oil
How To Drain Oil From Lawn Mower
Milky Oil
How To Winterize A Lawn Mower
Good Oil

If any of these signs show up when you check your oil.

This could be a good time to freshen your lawn mower oil before you damage your engine.

But let us also remind you that when your oil gets a little bit dark quickly, this is not usually an indicator of a dirty engine bringing about dirt in your oil.

Sometimes the changing of color in the oil is brought about by the temperature in your environment.

How to Drain Your Lawn Mower Oil

1. The first step how to drain oil from lawn mower is take your lawn mower where the ground is level.

2. Start the engine for about 5 minutes and raise its head up by pushing down the handle to let the oil circulate all over the engine and make the dirt inside to mix with the oil.

3. Turn off the engine and put a piece of plastic under the cap of the gasoline and  tighten to ensure that the gasoline won’t leak out when turning your lawn mower on its side.

4. Tip the mower on its side where the oil reservoir is located.

5. Place a pan right under the oil reservoir and unscrew the dipstick cap.

6. Wait till all the oil drains out and prop the lawnmower up to its upright position.

7. Pour in the new oil and use the dipstick. The level must reach the full level.

How To Drain Oil From Lawn Mower
Plastic under oil cap
How To Winterize A Lawn Mower
Pan under oil reservoir
How To Winterize A Lawn Mower
Refill with new oil

On some models of Briggs & Stratton lawn mowers, they have their oil drain plug underneath the deck of the machine so you only need to unplug it while the mower is in an upright position.

Just make sure that you open the top cap to let the air pressure in or else it will create a vacuum and won’t allow the oil to flow downward.

How To Drain Oil From Lawn Mower

Once the oil reaches the full level, start the engine for about 5 minutes.

 let the oil circulate and measure again with the dipstick to know if you need to top it off.


Draining oil from your lawn mower will only take you a few minutes of your time including putting in new oil but this will help your machine a lot.

Moreover, you should also equip your lawn mower with a reliable air cleaner and oil filter in order that you complete its servicing requirements. 

Now that you know how to drain oil from lawn mower, you just need the right type of lawn mower oil and you will have a good performing lawn mower for your grass cutting season. 


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