Best Electrician Tool Belt

Electrician tool belts are probably one of the best inventions ever made for the modern-day handyman. As unassuming as they are, these small pouches contribute a lot to the productivity and comfort of any professional in this line of industry. An electrician tool belt is the perfect workwear addition if you want to relieve yourself from the weight of a toolbox. If you’re someone who is doing anything electrical for a living, you’re probably familiar with the scenario of facing a project that only requires the use of some of your tools. Sure, you can still go for a toolbox and just load and unload it with what you need, but not only is that time-consuming, it’s also inconvenient. Until you really see the extent of a repair that you have to do, for example, you can never really be sure of what tools you’ll end up needing or not.

Electrician Tool Belt

In addition, an electrician tool belt provides convenience and helps with productivity. Just imagine yourself rummaging through your box or bag for every little wire you have to fix and cut. Very fussy, right? A tool belt keeps all your tools close to your side, so everything you need is within reach. They are also very helpful when you have to climb an incline. Since you already have everything you need strapped to your body, you won’t have to go through the trouble of climbing up and down just to get your equipment.

With how important this piece of work accessory is, it’s essential that you choose the best one that can fit your needs. The challenge with an electrician tool belt is that there are so many out there in the market that it can get confusing to decide on a particular model and design. To help you out, we listed the top considerations that you have to take in mind before buying one.

1. Your Tools.

best electrician tool beltOne of the trickiest factors that you have to consider, unfortunately, comes at the first stage of this list. An electrician tool belt is a pouch designed with pockets where you can keep your tools, so it’s obviously important that you go for one that can accommodate them. The challenge is that, depending on what you actually need to do, you may need to bring different sets of equipment with you every single time. What you can do, however, is to strike a safe middle ground depending on the estimated type of project you always find yourself doing. A tool bag that’s too big, while good, can also have a tendency to be heavy and uncomfortable to wear. On the other hand, it also doesn’t make sense to go for a smaller one that can barely fit all your tools.

To decide on the final number of pockets you need your electrician tool belt to have, check your history and make a list of everything that you always end up bringing. After enumerating them, decide on the number (and size) of pockets that can fit them and add two or three more for possible adjustments. This way, you won’t end up with something that’s too big or small for your needs.

2. Size of Pockets

electrician tool bagOnce you have a pretty good estimate of the tools you’ll most end up bringing, you can easily decide–more than the number–the size of the pockets that you need. Your tool belt should be able to accommodate everything, Electrician tool belts should be able to accommodate everything, from the small pencil and chalk line to the bulkier claw hammer. How you will most likely organize your tools on your tool belt should also be a factor to consider. Some are okay with mixing some essentials on a big pocket alone, while others function better if they have separate ones for separate tools. Go back to your list and use this to come up with the size that’ll work for you.

3. Comfort

best electrician tool beltAn electrician tool belt may be designed to give you an easier time going about your projects, but it can also be a cause of problems if you’re not smart enough to choose it. One of the common mistakes when using one is overloading it with tools. While it does serve its purpose of keeping your essentials close to you, doing so can cause discomfort, especially since you will only be balancing all the weight on your hips. Not only can this be uncomfortable, but it can also cause some long-term hip and back problems.

Besides being conscious of all the tools you’ll be bringing with you (less is good, but we know this isn’t always possible), you can also opt to go for an electrician tool belt that is designed to be more comfortable. There are those that come with paddings to cushion your waist or you can also go for one structured in such a way that it distributes weight around your frame better. If you really want to be sure, you can even buy tool belt suspenders to better balance everything on your back.

4. Material

Electrician tool beltWhen we talk of material, we mostly only consider it in the context of durability. While this is important, the material of your tool bag can also play a role on your comfort. There are certain models that are designed with non-wicking cloth, which means you’ll have to deal with it sticking uncomfortably against you if you perspire and have no other choice but to wear it the whole day. Convenience is also a concern. For example, leather is a popular choice for tool belts because of their durability, but some–especially the dyed ones–can have a tendency of bleeding on your clothes when you wear them for far too long.

To be sure, always go for tool belts that can wick away sweat, or at the very least, promises to be fast-drying. As for leather, we suggest you go for those that have not been intensely dyed to be on the safe side.

5. Design

best electrician tool beltAn electrician tool belt’s design doesn’t exclusively refer to the number of pockets of the pouch. Other parts, such as the belt strap, lock, and rings are other important factors to consider. Your belt strap, for example, should be just the right width to go around your waist comfortably, while its lock mechanism–which is mostly designed with clips–should be durable enough to hold with your every move. The mode of attachments that the main tool pouches are connected to the belt should also be considered. Since the job mostly involves climbing on an incline, ring fasteners that will make your pouches freely swing while you’re climbing can be inconvenient. In this case, it is best to just go with clip locks which offer more stability.

Tips on how to organize your tool belts

We’re going to say this now: there is no ONE correct way that you can organize your tool belt. Similar to an artist with very different processes, your method of arranging yours can be different from another. And that’s okay. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. However, there are some general tips that can help you be more productive (not to mention safe) when organizing your tool bags. We listed some of them below:

1. Identify Your Dominant Pouch.

Electrician Tool BeltMajority of electrician tool belts are designed with two large pouches and smaller pockets. One good guide that you can use when deciding where to put which is to determine your dominant hand. All the important tools that you think you’ll be reaching out for the most should go to the pocket on your dominant side where you can easily reach it. Not only is this convenient, but it also prevents possible accidents of dropping anything when you reach with your non-dominant hand. But what if that pouch is already too heavy to carry everything? Again, it is up to you to prioritize which ones should go there. Make a list again and estimate the weight. For example, only your top five most used tools can go on the dominant pouch. It’s all about balance.

2. Organize Your Secondary Pouch.

Electrician Tool BeltOnce you’ve decided which should go on the dominant side of your tool belt, it’s time to fill up your secondary pouch. Also known as the “helping hand” pouch, this is the place where you often put smaller objects like nails or companion tools of those that are placed on your dominant pouch. For example, if you have a tape measure on your primary pocket, this is where you can keep your chalk. Separating the two is a good practice because it gives you good balance when rummaging through your tool belt for two things that go together. Imagine using your left hand to reach for your hammer and then using it again to fetch a nail. Inconvenient, right? Utilizing your second pouch well can help you save a lot of time with your projects.

The Top 3 Best Electrician Tool Belt Brands

1. Dewalt DG5641 Framer's Combo Apron With Suspenders

As a model that already comes with suspenders, this 20-pocket design from Dewalt can be easily named as one of the best electrician tool belt units in the market. Its overall structure is simple but convenient. It comes with combo apron pouches with 20 pocket slots for a variety of tools–the right side has four main slots (one big, one medium, and two smaller ones), while the left side has three (one big and two medium) which are perfect for things like nails and tape measures. The other smaller slots are well-distributed. There is a hammer hook in the middle, a screwdriver slot on the side, and other loops where you can keep longer articles for your project. We particularly like the large, gusset-style of each pouch for easy accessibility and the handle hoops on each that makes it easy to look for your tools. You can even carry it with one-hand when you don’t feel like wearing your belt yet.

Electrician Tool Belt

Like other tool belts, this one also comes with a pocket where you can keep your phone. The downside is that this might be a little too small to accommodate large screen mobiles, but you can also use the zippered pocket to stow this instead.

The work apron, moreover, is guaranteed to be comfortable thanks to its padded belt that can be fixed through a double-tongue roller buckle that lets you easily adjust it according to your waist size (according to its product specs, it can accommodate 29’’ to 46” waistlines). Unlike other unsupported tool belts that may have a tendency of moving around your waist, this design, as well as the addition of the suspenders, keep everything stable against your frame.

Extra support is provided by the suspenders which are already fixed with padding conveniently positioned on the main stress spots of the shoulders. Like the belt, these straps can be easily adjustable, too, so you don’t have to worry about it flopping around when you move. 



2. TradeGear Medium Electrician's Belt and Bag Combo

If durability is your priority, then this unit from TradeGear is the best electrician tool belt for you. Constructed from a heavy duty 1250 Duratek Nylon that is reinforced by a web-core interior, you can expect this model to stay with you for a long-time with how good it can survive wear and tear. Not only does its material promise to be durable, it also has Bar-Tak stitching and metal rivets that add extra assurance on its durability with constant and heavy use.

Electrician Tool Belt

That’s not the only thing that’s great about this tool belt though. It’s also designed for comfort, something that is provided by its breathable memory foam padding, air-channel ventilation, and back support that follows the contour of your back. As for its actual design, this one from TradeGear can actually compete with the best electrician tool belt choices that rule in this department. Though it only classifies as a “medium”, its two heavy duty pouches with 27 pockets already provides more than enough room for a variety of tools. Like the Dewalt, it also has carry handles on each pouch that makes it easy to carry around, put on, and take off. The bags fix on the belt through hoops which you can also easily adjust using its buckle and lock design.



3. CLC 4-Pack Custom Leathercraft Electrician's Comfort Lift Combo Tool Belt

If you don’t have any problems about splurging yourself a bit, then this one from CLC is the best electrician tool belt you can go for. It’s like the older and more luxurious big brother of Dewalt–the model already comes with a 4-point padded suspender system that is engineered to help distribute weight across your frame and it also comes with easy-to-carry handles on each side for mobility and ease.

Electrician Tool Belt

It’s 4-Pack design comes with a total of 28 pockets that can easily fit in your tools, from screwdrivers to electrical tapes. It definitely has more variation in size compared to Dewalt–its right pouch has four main pockets (one big, one medium, and two small) while its left side has another set of four, one of which is zippered. We particularly love the fact that it has a designated pocket for a cordless drill, something not a lot of tool belts have. Its largest and zippered pocket is also great for storing smaller things that can easily spill over like cords and wires. Compared to TradeGear, this one works better in keeping the tools in place even when you put it down on the ground–or when youn throw the belt at the back of your van.



Electrician tool belts and Pouches: What are their differences?

There’s another piece of workwear that can prove useful if you’re all after convenience. Tool pouches, similar to tool belts, are designed to give you ease of movement and proximity to your paraphernalia.

It’s very easy to mix up both, mostly because there are certain features of electrician tool belts that overlaps with those of pouches. Think of it this way: if you know your basic biology, tool belts would be your Class–the third biggest group under Kingdom where you classify groups (in this instance, your tools) according to similar orders (or the project where you will use them). If you follow this logic, tool pouches would be your Species, the smaller group where similar types are classified. Tool belts, as you already know, are designed to be strapped around your waist, while pouches can work the same OR simply be designed with handles so you can easily pick them up and bring with you like a little bag. Most electrician tool pouches can also work as separate units that you can slip on your belt as additional pockets if you need extra room, too.

Electrician Tool Belt

So what makes electrician tool pouches helpful? Well, there are certain projects where you most likely don’t need to bring your whole tool belt, meaning you need something that’s smaller, more compact, and has streamlined pockets where you can more specifically group your tools. Pouches are perfect for this need because they are more compact, cancelling out the need for you to lug around a heavy tool belt or rummage through your tool box. Do note though that there are certain pouches that already come fixed with their own belt. Their only difference from full belts is that they will have a limited number of pockets–usually just on one side only as compared to a pair. They can also be customized to be used as a shoulder bag or messenger bag depending on design unlike tool belts which you can only use one way.

Two Types of Tool Pouches

1. Harness

From its name, these pouches are those that are fixed with suspenders that you can use to strap around your body. The benefit of this design is that it provides good weight distribution, something that can be a problem sometimes with other tool pouches. Since they only come in a single bucket, only one side of the body receives their weight. This is something you can alleviate with harness pouches.

electrician tool bag

2. Belt Pouches

Like a hybrid of a tool belt and a pouch, belt pouches come with a belt that are lined with a number of pouches across their length. They are different from the usual tool belts which come with a pair of big pouches and can easily be customized depending on the number and types of tools you need to bring.

electrician tool bag

In terms of usage, electrician tool belts and pouches serve the same purpose but different levels of project intensity. Tool belts are perfect for those complicated tasks where you need to pull out a variety of tools, while tool pouches are perfect for less complicated ones.

The Best Electrician Tool Belt and Pouches

1. DEWALT DG5103 Small Durable Maintenance and Electrician's Pouch

This one from Custom Leathercraft and Dewalt has everything you need on an electrician’s tool pouch–and so much more. Designed to be easily slipped and strapped to your tool belt, this model is the perfect size if you want to bring something that’s not too heavy without sacrificing on compartments. It’s small enough not to get in your way, but is designed with enough pockets that can house a slightly edited number of your tools.

electrician tool bag

There is a big pocket for tools that require more room, a medium one, and three smaller pockets on the front which are perfect for small screwdrivers and pens. There are also additional loops on the side which includes a flashlight pouch and a carabiner key holder for an added touch. Web loops add an additional organizing feature where you can keep your electrical tapes as well.

This unit from Dewalt is made with durable ballistic polyfabric that promises longevity. Its fabric is even reinforced on the sides to make sure that it can survive wear and tear. As for its usability, this tool pouch gives you the option of attaching it to your belt (up to 2 to ¾-inch wide) or clipped on with its rear clip.



2. Toughbuilt Electrician ClipTech Pouch and Hub

A sleeker alternative to Dewalt, this model from Toughbuilt is one that should never be underestimated despite its size. As compact as it is, it is designed to provide the best storage options with its 13 pockets which includes a medium and a large, one small pouch on the front, three on the sides, a wire-tester and a notebook pocket, and additional loops and hooks for more universal storage uses. You can fit a variety of tools here thanks to the depth of its pockets as well, from utility knives–even a small drill! We also like how this tool belt comes with a tape chain (something you don’t always see on other pouches).

electrician tool bag

In terms of durability, there’s no doubt that this unit is one of the best in the market. It boasts of a rugged 6-layer construction and a heavy-duty rivet reinforcement that promises to make it last for years to come. Its ClipTech is definitely a lot better than most that you see in other tool pouches as well as it feels very stable once fixed on your belt.

Usability-wise, Toughbuilt has it all covered. The brand definitely took time to consider every move and need of its user. You can easily adjust its tool pockets and even the lower straps depending on the length of your tools. When you’re not using it as a clip-on pouch, you can just put it on the ground without worrying about your tools spilling thanks to its integrated kickstand that keeps it upright. If you’re looking for something compact, lightweight, yet still functional and durable, then this is definitely one of the best purchases you can make. 



Electrician Tools Bags: What are they?

Now that we’ve already talked about tool belts and tool bags, it’s time to put the spotlight on an equally important, but maybe not as much appreciated necessity: the tool bag. For some electricians, buying one is considered a luxury especially if they already have a tool belt or a pouch they use on rotation. Tool bags, from their name, are basically just a bigger type of container for your tools that are also designed with different slots and compartments. However, though they are bulkier and bigger than belts and pouches, they do have their own perks as well, like a safety net for when you go out to do your job. Let’s elaborate it below.

Remember the analogy we used about tool belts being the Phylum and pouches as the Class? If this were biology, then tool bags would be your Kingdom or the largest classification for all your tools. It’s where you put everything you need, even those tools that you don’t often use for easier organizing. It’s not uncommon for electricians to find themselves forgetting a certain tool once they’re ready to start a job or to realize that they should have brought something that’s not in their tool belt or pouch–remember, you can only make a good estimate of what you’ll need for a certain project, but you can’t really know what you need until you’ve already examined the task. Tool bags, therefore, serve as the main container where you can go back and fetch what you need. You usually leave them on your car or keep close to you on site where you can just pluck your tools from and put on your belt or pouch. Thinking of buying one? Check out our top two picks below.

The Best Electrician Tool Bag Brands in the Market

1. Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Organizer Electrician's Bag

Klein Tools is definitely one of the best manufacturers of electrical products in the market so it comes as no surprise that they know what they are doing with their tool bags as well. With 78 pockets, this is definitely one of the best tool bag choices you can get for yourself if you want a single container where you can just keep everything neat and organized. It has a roomy main body where you can keep your bigger tools like drills and smaller slots for hammers and screwdrivers. We especially like its zippered front pocket where you can stow away things like pens and a small notebook, as well as the removable LED light inside that can prove very useful if you have to rummage for what you need while you’re in low light areas.

In terms of design, this bag is made to last and provide ease of handling. It is made of ballistic weave material fitted around a fully molded plastic frame body that keeps it upright even when the tool bag body isn’t filled. Lock bars also provide extra security and its adjustable shoulder straps come with padding for comfort when you carry it around. 



2. Custom Leathercraft Pocket Center Tray Tool Bag

Now this one is not as big as the one from Klein Tools, but it is the best electrician tool bag if you’re looking for something less bulky that can still accommodate all your tools. This bag from LeatherCraft has an open design for easy access to your equipment, and while it only has 16 pockets, each one is designed well to provide a cozy home for your tools. Its interior and exterior has eight pockets each and it also comes with a middle slot where you can slip in the included 13 ½” plastic tray where you can store smaller things like wires, knots, and bolts. Its main pocket is designed with web loops so you can easily put in your larger tools and it also has a zippered compartment on the back where you can keep your valuables. The exterior, moreover, is also padded, so you don’t have to worry about some of your sharp tools poking out the fabric. electrician tool bag

Since it has an open design, this tool bag is definitely a lighter version than the one from Klein Tools. You can carry it like a normal bag using its durable handles or hoist it comfortably on your shoulder through its padded shoulder strap. And since this one is from Custom Leathercraft, you can expect quality materials and good durability from this model, too. It is made of polyester fabric that is tough enough to resist the elements and promises to hold together for years.



Electrician Backpacks: Why do you need them?

The last type of workwear accessory is electrician backpacks. Bigger and bulkier than the rest of the ones mentioned on this list, they are not a very common choice among electricians because of their size and the weight that can get into them once filled with tools. That doesn’t mean they are any less useful though. Depending on your needs and preferences, electrician backpacks is a very good alternative to tool bags which doesn’t provide balanced weight distribution on the body. The two basically work the same–they can serve as your mother box for all your tools in case you left one–but provide different means of comfort. Tool bags are easily portable since you can just pick them up and go, but backpacks provide better weight support for when you need to take a number of tools that your tool belt and pouch can’t accommodate.

Electrician backpacks, therefore, are perfect if you need to transport large numbers of heavy tools. They’re also a great alternative for when you need to climb an incline and have tools with you that you can’t fit in your regular belt.

There are a few things that you have to consider when choosing the best electrician backpack. We listed the top ones below:

1. Internal Organization and Layout

Since backpacks are designed to have a more vertical shape, it can get a bit difficult to rummage through them if their pockets and compartments are not well spread out. Go for those with internal pouches that provide easy organization to your tools, as well as compartments that are the right depth. You don’t exactly need one that basically eats the whole of your arm when you rummage through them.

2. Wide Opening

A spacious area should be a given if you want to go for a backpack-style tool bag, but you should also consider this factor in relation to the opening the unit offers. Some backpacks have big loop openings while others are equipped with zippers. No matter what your preference is, go for one that will give you most accessing convenience during situations when you have limited mobility. Most of the time you’ll find yourself reaching out to it with one hand so you have to go for a backpack that you won’t have to struggle opening and closing.

3. Design

Backpacks, unlike tool belts and pouches, provide better comfort when you’re carrying them because you have your whole back supporting its weight. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention to how comfortable they are designed though. When lugged around for long periods of time, they can still cause stress on your back if they’re not structured and supported well. The best electrician backpack should have padded straps and handles for easy carrying and be structured ergonomically to provide equal weight distribution. Those with padded interiors are also a good choice–though they can get a little heavy–as they provide extra protection that keeps sharp tools from digging on your back.

Our Top 2 Best Electrician Backpacks

1. Klein Tools Electrician Tool Bag and Tradesman Pro Organizer

Similar to the tool bag from Klein Tools that we’ve mentioned above, this backpack also boasts of the same high-quality and well thought-out design that has become signature to the brand. Perfect for heavy-duty use, this 6 lbs backpack comes with 39 pockets and a roomy interior that can accommodate and properly organize all your tools so you don’t have to waste time fumbling around while working. It even has a dedicated, hard molded front pocket where you can store your safety glasses or your mobile phone. In terms of its interior, it is spacious enough that you don’t have to worry about your tools squishing against each other even when you fill the bag.

Design-wise, this electrician backpack has a very accessible zippered opening that opens up to the bag’s hardened base. This lets you easily see everything that’s inside, all without having to struggle about the bag toppling over. Klein Tools’ hardened backpack base keeps it upright so your tools won’t spill even when you open it. This unit is also designed to stay close to the back when worn and, together with its padded straps, provide good back support.


When it comes to durability, there is no doubt that Klein Tools is one of the best providers of this factor in the market. Like many of its products, this electrician backpack is also made with a ballistic weave that can survive wear and tear. 



2. DEWALT Lighted Tool Backpack Bag, 57 Pockets

If you’re after multi-functionality, then this backpack from other brand leader Dewalt is a good choice. A little lighter than Klein Tools at 5 lbs, its most unique feature is its 3 LED lighting design that lets you use it as a makeshift light source while you work. The LED light, which is situated on the front and top of the backpack, offers a light output of 39 Lumens max and can be adjusted so you can use it to illuminate wide areas.

In terms of organization, this electrician backpack comes with 57 pockets, 48 of which are designed for multi-use. The remaining nine are for specific tools and accessories. You can basically keep everything on its roomy interior, from extension cords, wrench sets, and drills.

Design-wise, this backpack is definitely more compact-looking than Klein Tools. It opens just as wide as the latter and is also very comfortable to carry thanks to its padded web carrying handles and adjustable padded shoulder straps. We love that it is designed to have large back paddings that add more comfort and prevents abrasion when worn. While it doesn’t have a hardened case, it does come with a base pad feet that also keeps it upright when it is placed on the ground. As for its durability, it is made with a durable water-resistant material that can survive even the toughest of conditions. 



Electrician workwear: A summary

With so many options that are available in the market today, it’s very easy to feel confused and overwhelmed when choosing the right bag to bring to your job. If there’s one thing you should know though, it’s that each and every type mentioned on this list has their own benefits and weaknesses and that there’s no one choice that can be considered more ultimate than the other. The best one will be dependent on your needs and preferences so it is important that you consider what they are first before making a final choice.

To make it easy for you though, we made a quick summary of each type of tool bag we mentioned in this article. Here you can find their pros and cons as well as the situations where it is best to use them.

Electrician Tool Belts

Tool belts are workwear that you can strap around your waist with pouches–usually a pair–with different-sized pockets. You can pair them with suspenders if you want to distribute their weight across your frame.



When is it best to use them?

When you need to climb an incline.

When you’ve learned how to make good estimations of the number of tools you need to bring for a certain project. Remember, the strongest benefit of tool belts is that they save you time from going through a lot of your tools. That wouldn’t work so well if you always have to return to your main toolbox because you’ve forgotten to bring something for a project.

Electrician Tool Pouches

Tool pouches are like the little brothers of tool belts. They are smaller and can be more versatile since you can carry them by hand, strapped or clipped on a belt, or be used as an extra pouch for an already existing tool belt. Unlike tool belts that are designed with a pair (or maybe more) pouches, this type of workwear comes in singles, making them perfect for smaller and simpler jobs.



When is it best to use them?

Since they are smaller, you can use them for simple tasks and projects.

Tool Bags

electrician tool bagTool bags are bigger and are designed to house all your tools, even the ones that you won’t readily use on the project at hand. They are usually designed as a duffel-bag type or bucket-shaped with different-sized compartments for all your tools.



When is it best to use them?

Tool bags are not really meant to be portable but they are a good addition to your workwear if you prefer keeping the rest of your tools close at hand even if you already have a tool belt. You can usually leave them in your car to keep everything in one place or be brought on-site if you think you need to change the tools on your tool belt a few times for a certain task.

Electrician Backpacks

The bulkiest and the biggest of them all, electrician backpacks basically work the same as tool bags, but provide extra comfort and better weight distribution because of their design. They come with a number of compartments inside for all your tools, and are designed to provide accessibility to them during wide-scale projects where tool belts and tool pouches don’t suffice.



When is it best to use them?

Electrician backpacks are perfect if you need to transport heavy tools with you in one go. They’re also great if you want to be more organized with everything–you can put your tool belt or pouch inside, for example, and just take them out for specific tasks while keeping the rest your tools in close proximity to you.

When choosing for the best type of tool bag for your needs, it’s not only your preference that should be considered. In order for you to make a good choice, you also need to review your history when it comes to your projects. Do you have a good knack of estimating the right tools to bring? If yes, then tool belts and pouches would suffice. If you usually fnd youself working on large-scale jobs and have a tendency of forgetting or underestimating (or overestimating) the tools you need, then tool bags and backpacks where you can keep everything might be a better choice.

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