How To Clean A Lawn Mower

How To Clean A Lawn Mower

How to clean a lawn mower why bother right? Lawn mowers are small but very powerful machines.

But because they work on the grass, they gather all kinds of dirt like grass mire, dust, mud, gravel, soil and even animal dung.

Aside from this dirt, there is also the oil and fuel spillage, carbon deposits and other materials that the machine accumulates.

This why cleaning your lawn mower must be an important part of maintaining your machine to make it last and perform at its best every time.

How Important Is Cleaning Your Lawn Mower

A dirty lawn mower may experience a lot of issues if cleaning is not done regularly.

Especially when grass mire accumulates under the deck of the mower, this can form into hardened lump impeding the movement of the blade which can produce a ragged cut on the grass.

This is why you have to know how to clean a lawn mower properly so that it will perform at its best.

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If your lawn mower also has a side discharge, the clump of grass can also accumulate on the discharge opening of your mower forming more clumps of grass as it discharges.

So instead of spreading out the cut grass evenly on the lawn, the clumps of grass cluster together forming piles on your lawn.

This, of course, will kill the grass that’s underneath it as it decomposes.

Trapped dirt underneath your mower can also encourage rust build-up on the blade and inside the deck.

The deck is the housing of the lawn mower where the blade is attached to. So if you don’t clean up the dirt in the deck immediately, more rust can develop and more damage will happen underneath your mower.

The bad news is rust can also corrode all the metal that’s on the deck.

 Realize the importance of cleaning your lawn mower,  especially the deck.

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How Should You Clean Your Lawn Mower

1. First, disconnect the spark plug cable from the spark plug to avoid accidental starting.

2. Put plastic under the gasoline and oil cap to prevent contamination during spraying of water on the deck and screw their caps tightly.

3. Tip the mower on its side and support its back on a wall.

4. Use a garden hose with a hose nozzle and spray a powerful blast of water on the deck.

Aim at all the debris you see to loosen it up until it starts to release from mower deck.

5. Prepare a bucket of water mixed with car washing detergent and a scrubber.

Scrub all over the deck.

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How to clean a lawn mower
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6. To wash the soap off, hit the deck again with water from the hose and let the deck dry.

7.  Scrub  the blade carefully using the scrubber and the soapy water.

Sharpen it if necessary.  But You can also replace the blade if its bent or beyond sharpening.

8. You can choose to paint the underside of the deck with anti-rust and anti-corrosion paint and do the same with the blade.

If you plan to store your lawn mower for the winter, you can coat the blade with rust protection oil to prevent rusting.

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9. It’s also an idea to spray engine or cooking oil under the deck to prevent grass clippings from sticking when mowing.

10. Don’t forget to check your lawn mowers  gasoline and oil  before using it or if you are to store it for the winter.

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How To Clean The Other Parts of Your Lawn Mower

Our guidelines on how to clean a lawn mower you must also consider not only the mower deck but also what’s underneath it.

And by that, we mean you should also clean out the top part where the engine and other parts of the mower are attached.

These parts also accumulate dirt, grease, debris and even carbon from the lawn mower itself.

 Does spraying it with water work?
You can’t  use a garden hose to clean these up because if water enters either the engine’s combustion cylinder, spark plug chamber, oil reservoir or the gas tank, this can spell trouble.

All you need to do is use compressed air to blow out all the dirt including the debris that got caught between the crevices.

Or you can use your home vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dirt especially the small particles that are trapped in every gap of your machine.

How To Clean A Lawn Mower
How To Clean A Lawn Mower

For best cleaning results, you can use cleaning engine products in spray form that can eliminate grease, dirt, and oil on the spot.

Then after you are done with the cleaning, wipe the body of the lawn mower with a clean cloth.

Cleaning your lawn mower overall before storing it during the offseason is critically important.

With a well-maintained lawn mower, you can be sure that it won’t have problems when you need it again for the next mowing season.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

Lawn Mower Maintenance does not have to be hard work.

You only need to clean up the dirt every after use, change the engine oil after 25 hours of mowing, keep the spark plug in tiptop shape.

Including the air and oil filter and use a green water-based automotive cleaner when cleaning your machine overall.

These cleaners include engine cleaners, engine degreasers and other products that are eco-friendly and yet affordable.

So if you want to avoid future problems and lessen your workload in cleaning your lawn mower, consider using cleaning products that will help you with your Lawn Mower Maintenance.


Knowing How to clean a lawn mower is easy if your aim is to extend the working life of your lawn mower.

Some homeowners don’t consider Lawn Mower Maintenance as important  they think they only need minimum maintenance because of their size.

But this is wrong.

A clean lawn mower inside and out is a good-performing machine.

Yes, it’s true that this is just a simple machine with a small engine but maintenance wise, it will also falter like your car if you totally abandon its cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

Experts advise that you have to thoroughly clean your lawn mower every 2 or 3 months during mowing season.

And although this is a piece of excellent advice, we still recommend that you clean it as necessary just to make sure it will work like brand new every time you use it.

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