Lawn Mower Brands to Avoid - Before You Buy Anything Read This

Lawn Mower Brands to Avoid

Lawn Mower Brands to Avoid

what lawn mower brand is bestHave you ever been told by your friends when they knew you wanted to buy a lawnmower to be aware of the lawn mower brands to avoid? So I was thinking, why do manufacturers produce lawnmowers that are not on par with people’s expectations while they put up convincingly good ads? Anyway, I’m not the type of person that could be easily convinced with precautionary words until I have proof that what they tell me is true. But are there really lawnmower brands that need to be avoided? Let’s find out.  

To let me know if there are actually brands that need to be avoided, I launched my own research, checked the specs of some lawn mowers that many people are putting up flags, and read a lot of people’s reviews. And to my surprise, there are certain lawnmower brands that people should be aware of buying while there are also brands that are worth investing in. 

Our blog today will be discussing lawnmowers, the brands that are popular and unpopular and what lawn mowers are best to consider. We will also go into the world of riding lawnmowers and discover which riding lawn mower brands to avoid, what is the best ride-on lawn mower and also what lawn tractor brands to avoid if there really are such brands. 

Just Our Opinion on Lawn Mower Brands to Avoid

what is the best ride on lawn mowerBefore we begin, we would like to tell you that what you’re about to read here are just based on our own and other people’s judgments and experiences. We do not represent products nor do we want to put other manufacturers’ products down because we believe that every lawnmower that is manufactured to do a good job. 

But then, you only get what you pay for. In other words, if you buy the best brand with sturdy hardware and a powerful engine, you’ll get the best results. But if you buy the cheapest types with low-capacity engines and low-quality parts, then you’ll get low performance with the potential for regular breakdowns.  

First, what makes a brand to be considered a low-quality brand and why do some people give out warnings about lawn mower brands to avoid?

Qualities of Lawnmower Brands You Should Avoid:

Low Power Capacity Brands

riding lawn mower brands to avoidLawnmowers in the past years have come to evolve from heavy and bulky mowing machines to lighter but more efficient grass-cutting equipment. Moreover, more people still tend to choose those that are cheaper even though they are not sure of their performance. But sadly, these buyers always overlook the most important part of the lawnmowers and that is the engine.  

The engine is like the muscle of the lawnmower – the smaller or the weaker the engine, the more the lawnmower is going to fail. On the other hand, lawnmowers with low-capacity engines can still be used only for trimming grass on small yards or for lawn maintenance purposes though they still don’t last very long. So if you’re looking for a longer-lasting and reliable brand,  the engine size and power can provide you with indications of which brand to avoid and which one to invest in.   

Poor Performance Due to Durability Issues

lawn mower brands to avoidThe other thing you should check about lawn mower brands to avoid is the performance of the brands in overall aspects. For example, some brands that can easily break and in a matter of months, it will show issues followed by other issues until you or the machine gives up. So before you buy a product despite its amazing advertisement, read reviews first from real-time users.  

You never want to find yourself always visiting repair shops or checking the user’s manual for troubleshooting guides. A good brand will never easily give up or show problems that easily because it’s primarily built for durability with tough hardware. So it’s also the parts of lawnmower brands that can make or break the reputation of the machines.   

Too Cheap Can Be a Sign

All of us want to buy cheap products but at least they should meet our standards. But if you’ll buy the cheapest brand among lawnmowers, most probably it will tend to fail in terms of performance, durability, and reliability and this is because everything about it can be cheaply made. So whenever you find a good-looking lawnmower but surprisingly cheap, don’t get too excited. Check its specs, read reviews and know its warranty. 

What Lawn Mower Brand is the Best?

lawn mower brands to avoidLet’s talk now about the more positive topic before we go discussing riding lawn mowers. So what lawnmower brand is the best that you can rely on? There are a lot actually. But how do you know these are some of the best brands among the many good brands being sold today? 

✅ First, is to check on the manufacturer’s experience. Many of the best brands that started decades ago still exist today and continue building lawnmowers with more upgraded qualities and better designs.  

✅ Second, know where the brands are manufactured. Are these Japan-made, US-made, or from some developed countries in Europe. Most of the popular and reliable brands generally come from these countries. However, due to expensive labor costs and high costs of raw materials, even the best lawnmower brands today are being contracted to counties where labor and materials are cheaper. But this does not mean that the qualities of these brands have been downgraded though most of their parts are now within OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards. 

✅ And lastly, choose brands that are equipped with refuted powerful engines such as Honda and Briggs & Stratton. The engines of the lawnmowers are what can make them more reliable and fortunately, some of the best lawnmower brands today are equipped with these engines. 

In this aspect, the most popular and most reliable lawnmower brands that come into place are Honda, John Deere, Toro, and Husqvarna. This could answer the question of what lawn mower brand is best? 

Honda Lawnmowers.

Honda started manufacturing tools in the 1950s in Japan before they went to lawnmower manufacturing during the 1980s by introducing the 4-stroke, walk-behind lawnmowers. Being a world-renowned brand also for its world-class vehicles, its lawnmower lines have 4 separate categories: HRX, HRN, HRS, and the HRC. All of these are reliable models but differ in their engine size and features and of course, these are all equipped with Honda engines. 

John Deere Riding Mowers.

 The John Deere brand is an American brand and is well known for its contribution to the development of efficient agricultural machinery. Started in the 1800s, the company was named after its founder John Deere from Illinois, USA. However, it was only in the 1960s that the John Deere lawn tractors were introduced starting from the 4-stroke, 7 horse-powered machines. 

This brand is known for its lawn tractors and with very few models for the push types. But until now, the company has maintained its quality standards and can best fit the answer to the question of what is the best ride-on lawn mower brand. And for us, it’s always the John Deere brand that’s always in the top 3 list.    

Toro Lawnmowers.

The Toro company is also an American brand and has a historic beginning which started in 1914. The unique thing about Toro lawnmowers is that you can customize them according to your needs – deck, wheels, and engine and are generally loaded with powerful Briggs & Stratton engines. They also have competitive lawnmower models like the Recycler, Super Recycler, and the E-Recycler types which are battery-powered. 

Husqvarna Lawnmowers.

The Husqvarna brand is a Swedish brand and the company started as early as in the 1600s. Started manufacturing muskets then motorcycles while producing its own engines, this brand is now a popular brand for chainsaws, hedge trimmers, pressure washers, tillers and lawnmowers of different types. It is now even manufacturing the Robot Lawnmowers loaded with AI technology.

Now let’s go to the riding lawn mower brands. 

What is the Best Ride-On Lawn Mower

Riding lawn mowers are available in 2 types: traditional lawn tractors and Zero turns. Both of these are the best choice for wider lawns and are equipped with more powerful engines. The only issue about these mowers is that almost 30 percent of riding mowers can only be good during their first 5 years and after that, there could be repairs here and there. 

The usual problems of these mowers are their mower belts. But then, certain brands show issues much earlier according to surveys and some of them also do not perform well during field tests compared with other brands. 

So what is the best ride-on lawn mower? According to many reviews, the best overall lawn tractor is the John Deere followed by the Toro brand due to its Recycler series that have blade override systems. 

The Honda brand is also number one in the UK but it’s number 3 on our list. What makes this brand one of the best brands is its 4-stroke OHC V-Twin Honda engines with up to 17 HP. 

Also, Husqvarna is known for its Zero turn riding lawn mowers and can handle commercial size lawns with ease. And lastly, the Troy-Bilt and Craftsman brands are also making waves because they are very easy to use and more compact that places  them well for small to huge lawns. 

Riding Lawn Mowers Brands to Avoid

If you compare riding lawn mowers that utilize gas and battery-powered, the difference could be great. The gas-powered would always win because they have engines that produce more torque and can be used on all-weather. But since many people want to know which riding lawn mower brands to avoid, we found out that the Cub Cadet riding lawn mowers are not on a par when it comes to durability. Their most often problems are their transmissions which are costly to repair. 

Another brand is the Ryobi, especially their electric-powered models. They have a poor runtime of 2 hours at most and they don’t have suspension on wheels so that you can feel the impact of the surface on your body. 

The Ferris riding mowers are very easy to use and best for maintaining any type of lawn. However, they are not designed for tall people as they are compactly made. The Simplicity riding mower brands, though are not very popular, offer comfort and versatility and can deal with even tall grasses. The only problem is, it’s not fuel-efficient based on many reviews. 

So far these are the lawn mower brands to avoid if your standards are high. 

Riding Tractor Brands to Avoid

Contrary to what many believe that there are certain riding tractor brands to avoid, almost all of the units we know in this category have passed the accepted criteria for lawn mower use even for commercial use. However, even for the best riding tractor brands, sometimes some of their models can fail surprisingly badly. 

For example, John Deere is considered the best among the riding lawn tractors in its class. But with the John Deere X350-42 and John Deere S240-42 which are both pricey, both of these could not surpass other brands of lawn tractor models like the Husqvarna YTH18542 Yard Tractor that is loaded with a 22 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin Hydrostatic engine. 

According to the 2017 Consumer Report, almost 22% of John Deere’s lawn tractors experience breakage within the fourth year of ownership while the Troy-Bilt brands can go as much as 40% breakage of the same period.

So most of the time it also depends on the brands’ series and not only on the brand itself. Also, the range of usage can hurt the quality of the brand even with the best brands. So in essence, if you want to know what lawn mower brands to avoid and what lawn tractor brands to avoid, do not only base your criteria on the brands itself but also on their models (or series/lines). 

To sum it up, the best thing you can do to know the best lawnmower brands is to search for users’ reviews, find legitimate consumer reports and do your research homework.      

Conclusion on Lawn mower brands to avoid:

We know that some of you may not agree with our lawn mower brands to avoid. But like we have said, what you have read here generally comes from reports and reviews  that were gathered through the years as well as from our judgment. But then, we still believe that there is no such thing as a quality brand if you abuse the capacity of your lawnmower or do not maintain it . The important thing is, whatever brand of lawnmower you have, just use it right and understand its maintenance needs to make it last longer.