Tool Belt Suspenders: What Are They Exactly And Why Are They Important?

Tool Belt Suspenders

Tool Belt Suspenders

Tool belts have been around as long as humans have needed to get work done hands-on – but it wasn’t until recently that modern innovations like our Tool Belt Suspenders were able to be made available. With these innovative new aids at their disposal, professionals across many industries now find themselves working less hard than ever before because of how often their workloads require standing or carrying heavy objects while keeping both hands free for other tasks like driving machinery or holding up scaffolding structures.

A wise carpenter once said, “you’re only as good as your tools.” Fine, this quote might not really exist in real life, but you probably do get the gist of it. DIYers and those in the construction and repair industry know that their tools are the lifeblood of their business. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are. Low-quality tools can ruin your performance and won’t maximize your productivity, no matter how talented you are. But it’s not only the type of tools that play a big role in your performance. How you organize them is equally as important as the tools of the trade That’s where tool belt suspenders come into there own.

Enter tool belts. This essential part of a handyman’s workwear functions as a portable caddy where tools can be stored for easy access. While some find tool boxes to already be enough, tool belts provide better organization, especially for smaller projects that don’t really require bringing along a full toolbox. Probably just one disadvantage of them is that they can be heavy sometimes and can cause muscle stress when worn for long periods of time. Depending on the amount and type of tools you will be bringing, tool belts can weigh up to 50 lbs, a range that can definitely cause harm on your hips and back. And while some tool belts try to alleviate it by adding padding into their design, it doesn’t really take away the pressure or weight it puts on the body. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to entirely cross out tool belts though. A little help from accessories like tool belt suspenders, for example, can easily make these disadvantages go away.

But what exactly are tool belt suspenders and what are their benefits? Basically, these are just suspenders that you attach to your tool belt. These accessories help solve the problem of hip and bone stress caused by heavy tools by helping distribute their weight more evenly across the body frame. So instead of just trying to balance and carry everything with your hips, the weight is also supported across the shoulders and a greater portion of the back. A tool belt suspender can also help in keeping your tool belt in place. Some belts have a tendency of slipping down the hips when they get too heavy and suspenders solve that problem by keeping the belt from falling.

Tool Belt

As basic as their function is, you still need to be careful when choosing the best tool belt suspender. They come with various features and can be done in a variety of materials—some may have padding and be made with sweat-wicking material, for example. Here’s a quick guide on how you should choose the best tool belt suspender for your needs.

1. Tool Belt Compatibility

Not all suspenders can be used with tool belts. Some may be attached to the belt using hoops while others are snapped on through clips. When checking the compatibility, you should also consider the situations where you think you will most likely use your suspender. If you think you’ll be using it when scaling inclined spaces most of the time, for example, it is best to go with a suspender that clips on with the tool belt since hoops and hooks have a higher tendency of falling out.

2. Padding

Padded tool belt suspenders are great because of the comfort they offer, but do note that these cushions also contribute to the weight that you will be carrying. A tool belt suspender with overly thick paddings can be uncomfortable, not to mention inconvenient with the weight that already comes with their design. Consider your build when selecting one. Chances are, you don’t really need the thickest padding to be comfortable when using it.

3. Fit

Suspenders can be bought per size or in a one-size-fits-all format. The latter is an okay choice, but you do have to consider your height and overall build before deciding on one. Basically, you want something that leaves you room for adjustments. You don’t want them too small that it will restrict your movements or too big that they will slip down your shoulders. Check the adjustment features of a unit before buying one, too.

Types of Tool Belt Suspenders

There are various types of tool belt suspenders that you can choose from. First one is the classic which is usually made of non-stretch woven materials. This type if the best to go for if you’re looking for something durable or if you’re the type of handyman that always has to wear heavy work pants. While this tool belt doesn’t give much flexibility with its material, it provides just the right sturdiness to hold its own against weight and wear and tear. 

The last type of tool belt suspenders is those made of polypropylene material. Ideal for heavy-duty jobs, these are designed to provide comfort and durability in one. Its material, specifically, works by wicking water and perspiration so that the suspenders are still very comfortable to wear even when used for long periods of time. Leather is also a great material to consider if you want something durable, though they do have a tendency of being less comfortable because their straps are usually thinner in width as compared to conventional suspenders. 

Top 4 Tool holders we found

Ready to add a tool belt suspender into your workwear? Here are the best four ones you can buy now. 

1. SpeedSquareTool Padded Tool Belt Suspenders

Comfort and functionality are two of the best things about this tool belt suspenders from SpeedSquare. In addition to its shoulder straps, this model offers additional weight distribution and stability via its additional chest strap. It promises a universal fit for tool belts and rigs and can be easily adjustable. With its padded straps and ergonomic design, this tool suspender is good for your back and very comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. Its padding, in particular, is made with an air-mesh and quick dry material that won’t leave you fidgeting in discomfort in case you sweat through it. Puncture resistant and ballistic nylon also makes this overall model very lightweight. Tool Belt Suspenders

In terms of design, this tool belt suspender also has back-mounted D-rings that you can easily use for easy hanging. Its shoulder strap also comes with a pocket that can be used to store a mobile phone or a small notebook and pencil. You can order this tool belt suspender here from amazon



2. Occidental Leather 5055 Stronghold Suspension System

Tool Belt Suspenders“Fashionable” might not actually be a term you’d first associate with a tool belt suspender, but that is exactly what this model from Occidental Leather is. Made with high-quality and durable leather, this one-size-fits-most model definitely delivers when it comes to comfort. Like the SpeedSquare, this one also has an adjustable chest strap that adds balance once you attach it into your tool belt plus well-padded straps and back support that assures improved weight distribution. As fancy as it looks, it does a great job of staying in place while in use. The chest strap is particularly amazing and well-crafted like the rest of the suspenders. You can attach your tool belt into this through its leather loops. Know more about the product by clicking on this link at amazon.



3. Brown Bag Company ToolRider GSX

Tool Belt Suspenders

One look at this tool belt suspender from Brown Bag will convince you of how durable and comfortable it is to wear. Its BODYSHOX suspension and gel foam padding are very easy on the shoulders and are covered with a breathable lining that wicks away sweat. This suspender is also compatible with a wide variety of tool belts, thanks to its adjustable snap hook and universal bolt straps. Similar to the Speed Square, this one also has a cellphone holder and an adjustable chest strap. Want to buy this item? Head to



4. Ergodyne Arsenal Tool Belt Suspenders

Looking for a tool belt suspender that checks everything off from comfort to versatility? The Ergodyne Arsenal Tool belt Suspender is one of the best buys you’ll ever make if you want to get value for your money. Its thick padded shoulder pads are designed to gel on key spots where shoulder strain will most likely be felt by the user, on top of helping evenly distribute weight across the body. Durability-wise, this suspender is made with puncture-resistant and heavy-duty ballistic polyester material and fixed with spring-loaded and nickle-plated clips that promise to secure any tool rig or belt attached to it. Tool Belt Suspenders

In terms of adjustability, these suspenders are very versatile and can be used by different professionals like electricians, carpenters—even just a regular handyman. You can easily adjust it with its leeway of 36-48 inches and it also comes with a small front pocket for extra storage. You can order yours by heading to this link at amazon.



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