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Tools for Women

Tools for WomenThere’s no doubt about the fact that the majority of tools are marketed towards men tools for woman are few and far between.The few that are made for women are usually slapped with fancy designs and descriptions, and though we’re not against using anything cute and pink, there’s definitely more to tool sets for women than just their appearance. You have to consider comfort and weight, for example, as well as the versatility of your tools. Planning to assemble your very own starter kit? In this article, we discuss the top pieces you should have in your arsenal, as well as the top tool kits that you can buy. 

Assembling your tool kit

It’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed when putting up your tool kit for the first time. What should you buy? How do you know if you’re going over the top when it comes to your tools? These are just some of the questions that you’ll probably deal with, so we made a list of the bare bones that you’ll need. These are perfect as a basic kit for your home or if you’re considering to start doing some DIY. 


Every tool box should have a hammer since it’s the most basic piece you need for light household projects like driving nails or assembling things. Weight is something you should consider when choosing this item–you don’t want a heavy one that you can barely lift or overly light ones that can fly off your hand. A hammer with a 16-ounce head weight is a good starting point since they are comfortable and durable enough to manage the most basic household tasks. One nugget of advice: avoid those with plastic handles because they have questionable durability. Don’t forget to get one with a curved claw back for effortless removal of nails. 

Assorted Fastener and other hardware

If you’re just starting with DIY, then one of the basic tasks you’ll probably try is fixing your shelves, mirrors, and frames. Assorted fasteners like hooks and other hardware such as extra screws and nails are important for the tool kit you’re building–in fact, they will probably be the ones you’ll find yourself reaching out for the most. Unfortunately, not all pre-packed tool kits have them, so you’ll most likely end up buying them separately. Make sure your hardware is compatible in size with the basic tools on your kit, too! 


Another important piece that you’ll probably end up using the most is the screwdriver. Choosing the basic ones can be confusing, so we recommend you go for sets which are already assembled to cover the bare necessities. For better understanding though, the non-negotiables are the slotted, flat-head, and Phillips ones, though a collection of smaller pieces is also important for projects where you’ll deal with smaller screws. 


Pliers are one of the basic tools for women you never know you’ll need until you’re faced with a wire you need to bend or cut. There are three basic types of pliers that you need to have in your tool kit. The slip-joint for grabbing, the needle-nose for bending, and the diagonal-cutting for cutting and gripping. Go for those with rubberized handles for extra comfort.

The Top Three Starter Tool Kits for Women

1. U-GoGirl Work Tools

Durable and designed for women’s hands, this nifty tool set has everything you’re looking for in a basic tool kit. It comes with a 12-ounce forged carbon steel claw hammer that has a magnetic nail slot so you can easily use it even with one hand, a multi-bit screwdriver set with 3 ratcheting positions and shank lengths, needle and slip-joint pliers, a box cutter, and a tape measure. All of these are packed in a canvas case that is also designed to accommodate more tools as you work on building your kit. 

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This set may only cover the basic tools for women, but that is exactly what makes it perfect for beginners. When you’re just starting, it can be difficult to deal with so many tools, so this is a perfect starting point for those who are just beginning to explore some DIY. You can order this tool kit here A 



2. Seriously Pink 128PC Lady Household Tool Kit

Cute packaging out of the question, this kit is indeed VERY serious with its collection of tools for women. It boasts 128 pieces of essentials which include drill bits and a 101-piece hardware set of nails, screws, and hooks. We love that this kit already includes a power screwdriver that is perfect for handling basic household projects as well as other necessities like a claw hammer, adjustable wrench, cutter, level, and needle nose pliers. Each tool is specially designed for easy handling and comfort, so you can use it without worrying about wrist shock and strain.  

This tool kit comes with a black and pink canvas bag that’s cute enough to be used as a gift for other DIYers. Check it out at



3. Forgestar 24-Piece Tool Set Household Hand Tool Kit

Though it does not have the wide range of pieces the Seriously Pink tool kit has, Forgestar’s 24-piece tool kit can pretty much cover basic maintenance and DIY needs. Packed in a classy pink and black canvas bag are 6-inch long nose and lineman’s pliers which are specially designed to provide maximum comfort and good grip, an adjustable wrench with a variable size jaw, an 8-ounce hammer with claw back, and a screwdriver handle–which is probably our favorite tool in this list. Instead of adding one to three medium-sized screwdrivers, Forgestar has this magnetic screwdriver handle which you can easily customize with 10 different types of bits–also included in the set. You can even adjust the handle using the 60mm extension bar so you can easily reach screws. 

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Other than the magnetic handle, this tool kit also includes a set of 5 smaller-sized screwdriver set perfect for projects with smaller screws. Other accessories included in this pack is an 18mm utility knife, a 9-inch torpedo level, and a measuring tape. All tools are made of carbon steel and are treated with heat technology. Know more about this set by visiting 



Things to consider when shopping for tools for women

Comfort should be one of your top priorities when sourcing for the best tools for your kit, but your concern shouldn’t end there. For example, how often you think you will be using your tools should also be an important consideration. If you just need something that can cover basic projects and repairs, then you don’t really need to invest in a varied set. Even starter tool kits can supply this, so think about this first before going all out on your collection. 

Another thing you should consider is your experience level. Beginners are suggested to just start with the basic tools and just build their collection along the way as their comfort and familiarity with DIY and maintenance improves. There’s really no point in buying a power drill, for example, just because you’ve successfully put up a picture frame once. Starting with the basics will also let you know what kind of handywoman you are, so you won’t end up buying tools you won’t end up using anyway. Besides, going for too big of a collection may overwhelm you if you’re just a beginner. You don’t really want to end up struggling with a dozen screwdrivers on your first project, do you?

Doing your own repairs can be fun, not to mention empowering! With the right tools for women, we can literally tackle any project on our own. Just in case you’re planning to get more serious about being your own handywoman, you can swap your starter kit into a tool box instead or maybe even a Toolbelt. Here are some of best ones at

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