Women’s Tool Belts

Women’s Tool Belts: A Handywoman’s Convenient (and Fashionable) Accessory

We don’t know about you, but for us women who are into some arts and crafts and DIY, having the right tools can mean the world between a successful project and a botched one. It doesn’t matter if you’re just going to put up a photo frame or make a whole new table from scratch. Like any other pro, we need the right tools of the trade to go about our handywoman tasks. 

Women’s Tool Belts

But alas, there’s often a gap in getting the tools that we want and need. Most of the ones we see in the market are designed and marketed towards men (as if we don’t have enough issues to deal with) and it’s not very often that you see a drill labeled “for women”, for example. And even when we do, we would be lucky enough not to find it in PINK. Not that we’re against the color, of course. If you love the shade then, by all means, go for it. But if you want something that you can use in the long-term, you’ll have to consider other things, too. 

Let’s consider women’s tool belts for example. These small waist pouches are very helpful in keeping all your tools handy and within reach. Using it can help you a lot in organizing your essentials for a certain project, saving you from the need of constantly reaching out and rummaging through your toolbox. If this were fashion, tool belts are one of your non-negotiables. They are classic and simple, but definitely worth including in your workwear.

Unfortunately, not many tool belts are designed for women. And while we can always have the option of going for the standard ones, these units are mostly designed for the opposite sex in terms of size and weight. Even some men already complain about how some belts tend to slip on their hips so just imagine how women with smaller builds will fare in getting a perfect size for them. And size is just one thing you should definitely consider. Below, we provided a quick run-through of everything you should look for in a women’s tool belt. 

1. Size

Many standard-sized tool belts available in the market are designed with the normal male average build in mind. This can be a challenge for us women who usually have smaller frames. Getting the right size is important because it will dictate the fit as well as the comfort of the user. Tool belts are there to give you an easier time by keeping all your materials close to you while you work and the last thing you want is to struggle every minute trying to pull up something that is too loose around your waist. 

2. Weight

Now, this is something not many consider when choosing a tool belt, but it’s very important if you’re looking for one for women. The weight of the unit without all the tools is something you should very much consider. Depending on their material, some tool belts can be heavier than the others. If it is already heavy without all the essentials you’ll be putting there, it might not be very comfortable to carry around once you’ve already filled it with your tools. Again, you need to consider your comfort before making a selection. You don’t want anything too heavy that can hinder your movements while you work.

3. Purpose

Once you have decided on the weight and size of your women’s tool belt, it’s time to consider the purpose. What kind of projects will you be doing most of the time? What tools will you be putting on it? If you’re into DIY, you might have a very different set of tools than the ones for, let’s say, light carpentry. Knowing the type of projects you will be doing will help you decide on how many pockets you need. How big should the pouches be? Will they fit the size of your tools? If you’re into a wide variety of projects, try to find a middle ground in the design of the tool belt you’ll buy

The Top 3 Women’s Tool Belts

1. Born Tough 4-PRW 9-Pocket Suede Leather Women’s Pink Tool Belt

Fashionable, convenient, and durable, this women’s tool belt/apron definitely lives up to its name. Born Tough is made of suede leather and other durable materials like nylon and plastic buckles that can survive wear and tear. We love that its size and pockets are very versatile—you can use it for projects like basic repairs and even gardening. The apron has 2 main pockets where you can stow away the tools you’ll be using the most and six smaller tool pockets where you can keep smaller pieces like a tape measure or some pins and hooks. There are also two leather hammer hoops included in the design so you know you can use this on heavier tasks. Its belt, lastly, is adjustable so it can easily fit the waist of women—even the smaller-framed ones. You can get your own by heading to this link at Amazon.com.



2. The Original Pink Box Tool PB2BELT Tool Belt with 10 Pockets

So versatile is this women’s tool belt that some even claim to use it for hairstyling, too! Eye-catching and durable, this tool belt comes in a very on-trend combination of hot pink and black. It’s made of canvas which makes it perfect for a variety of uses and has an adjustable waist that can accommodate a range of 22” to 44” in waist size. What we love the most about it, however, is its number of pockets and overall design. It has 10 storage pouches that you can use to stow away a variety of tools, from bigger-sized ones like screwdrivers to smaller ones like pencils. There’s a hammer loop, too, which can also accommodate other things like hairdryers and gardening hand rakes. You can also adjust the position of its pockets, giving you the ease of movement. Order yours here at amazon.com now. 



3. Grip Women’s Pink Leather Tool Belt

Simple and no-fuss. These are the perfect adjectives to describe this women’s tool belt. Though it doesn’t have as many pockets as the two mentioned above, it does cover the basics if you’re just looking for a tool belt you can use for general purposes around the house. It has two large main pockets where you can keep your bigger-sized tools, two smaller pockets for some pieces like hooks and nails, and a small center pocket for tape measure. Two side loops add extra versatility to this tool belt. In terms of durability, this tool belt from Grip Women promises that with its stitching, leather material, strong rivets, and heavy-duty plastics. You can know more about this product at amazon.com



Tool belts are definitely an important addition to your workwear if you’re someone who values convenience and time. If you’re really wanting to make the most out of your purchase, go for something with a design that can accommodate more than just your handywoman’s tools. Just like some of the items we’ve mentioned on this list, for example, you can find designs that can also prove useful to your other hobbies. Still a beginner when it comes to DIY? If you’re really willing to learn, why don’t you browse through this article we have about the best tool sets for women ? You might just find the perfect one to pair with your tool belt! 

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